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The Best of Rick Riordan’s Chapter Titles

If there is something I love as much as reading, it’s the author’s personal touch they put on a book. Whether it’s just through their voice or their jokes, I find it so neat. It is a time we can really see who the author is simply through their writing. For Rick Riordan, it’s his chapter names. I don’t know if you ever noticed, but the Percy Jackson series has the absolute best chapter titles.Ā  I went through the 5 books and found a few of my favorite chapter titles from each book. Prepare to start laughing, because theseare pretty funny.



  • I Accidently Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher
  • I Play Pinochle with a Horse
  • I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom
  • We Get Advice from a Poodle
  • A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers
  • I Battle My Jerk Relative




  • I Play Dodgeball with Cannibal
  • We Hail the Taxi of Eternal Torment
  • I Go Down with the Ship
  • We Hitch a Ride with Dead Confederates
  • The Party Ponies Invade



  • The Vice Principal Gets a Missle Launcher
  • Everybody Hates Me but the Horse
  • I Wrestle Santa’s Evil Twin
  • We Meet the Dragon of Eternal Bad Breath
  • I Put on a Few Million Extra Pounds



  • Nico Buys Happy Meals for the Dead
  • The Underworld Sends Me a Prank Call
  • We Play the Game Show of Death
  • My Birthday Party Takes a Dark Turn



  • I Go Cruising with Explosives
  • My Math Teacher Gives Me a Lift
  • Two Snakes Save My Life
  • Pigs Fly
  • We Win Fabulous Prizes


Some of these are just so blunt and straightforward it kills me. I have to say the winning book has to be The Lightning Thief. I physically had to make myself stop writing the titles. I had a great time looking at all of these, and I hope you get a laugh out of some of them as well!

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