School Books “Yay!….or Nay” List

So in honor of the school season I have decided to list some of my favorite books I have read in school…and some of the ones I absolutely hated. We’ll start this list off on a positive note, and we’ll talk about my favorites.

1. The Hunger Games

This is not a lie. A few months after falling in love with the series, my teacher told me that we were reading the Hunger Games during class. Obsessed little me almost had a hard attack. I literally got to spend an hour of my day reading and discussing one of my favorite books. Let’s just say, that was the easiest test of my life.

2. The Giver

This also was one of the few gems of the books I have read for school. This book was very entertaining, and I often read ahead during class. The book was so unique to me, and the idea fascinated me. I loved reading about the memories. I have yet to see the movie, so tell me, was it good? Leave comments below about your opinions.

3. The Watsons go to Birmingham

I fell in love with this book as soon as I started reading it. I loved how history was tied in, yet it was still an entertaining funny novel. This was one book that opened me up to historical fiction more, and I am very grateful for that.

4. The Mysterious Benedict Society

I actually technically didn’t read this for school, but I read it for a extracurricular activity so I’m going to count it. I guess this book can be considered science fiction, and at the time I didn’t like stuff like that. However, know that I think about it, this was probably one of the first GOOD science fiction books I read when I was younger. The whole concept tied me in, and I remember people looking at me and asking why am I reading such a big book, and me thinking that it was going by really fast. One day, I might have to pick up the book again to see how good it is now.

Alright, so these are some of my favorites books that are like, actualy longer books. Of course I have plenty of other favorites like Junie B. Jones, magic Tree House, Case of Stripes, but these were some more young-adult or middle grade books.

So now we get to the books I didn’t like…at all.

1. The Single Shard

This books, was the worst thing ever. I never wanted to read it, and I could barely pay attention. It was just an uninteresting story to me. I have no words to explain my dislike of it.

2. Tale of Despereaux

I remember my teacher reading this book to the class a little bit everyday. Then we watched the movie. I hated both of these things. At the time, I didn’t really care about a mouse, so all I did during class was suck on the suckers my teacher gave me.

3. Nothing but the Truth

This was another book I had to read for an extra activity, and I remember just waiting for it to get good. Needless to say, it never got good.

4. Adventures of Edward Tulane

I can’t even remember why I hated this book, I just did.

So yeah those are some of the school books I have loved and hated. Of course there are probably many more in both categories, but these just stuck out to me. So what were your favorite school books? Least favorites? Tell me in the comments!



First off, I apologize for the format of my If I Stay review. For some reason the paragraphs will not space a part and that is extremely annoying. It probably annoys you guys too, and I’m so sorry. I will try to fix it, but when I tried earlier it wouldn’t.


Second, I just realized that everything I have put on here has been contemporary books. I do not strictly read contemporary books. My goal is in this next few weeks, start putting up so things in the science fiction and fantasy genre. So stay tuned for that.


I will possibly have a series review on the Heroes of Olympus and/or the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series in September-October. Ideally, I want to re-read the series before the last book Blood of Olympus comes out. (Which by the way will probably kill me emotionally, so expect a VERY LONG REVIEW OF IT)


Finally some upcoming lists I have coming up that I’m working on…

– Top Books I have had to read for school

– Top Books I am most anticipating this Fall

– Top Male and Female Characters


I’m getting some more lists together, but if you have any suggestions please let me know! That’s all for now, keep reading!

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If I Stay Book-to-Movie Adaptation Review

She liked classical music. He was in a rock band, and was like the rest of her family. Mia and Adam were complete opposites, yet they were perfect for each other. Everything was great, until one afternoon. In just a couple of seconds, Mia’s whole life was changed. She has so many hard choices to make. How could she live a life without her family, but at the same time, how could she possibly leave Adam?

I saw If I Stay a while ago, and it looked pretty interesting. Then I found out that there was a movie in the making, and I made my decision. I didn’t want to have to wait months for one of my favorite books to be adapted, so I didn’t read it then. I decided a couple of days ago that I wanted to see the movie this weekend, so I decided to read the book finally. I have never been so happy of a decision before. It only took me a few hours to read the book, and immediately I read the sequel. Then a few days later, I saw the movie. I do not know what I would’ve done if I read this book months ago. I didn’t even want to wait a few days to see the movie, so waiting a couple months would’ve been torture.

Alright now we can get into the actually review of this adaptation.

First off, the lines in the movie were exactly the same from this book. I have never seen an adaption that followed a book so closely. It really like they didn’t have a script, they just had the book they were reading from. The movie followed the story amazingly. I was honestly nervous about how they would show all the flashbacks and the out of body experience, but they did it perfectly. I only had a one probably about the plot, and I will talk more about it later.

Secondly, the cast. They portrayed the characters so well, and it wasn’t just Mia and Adam. Kim, the Grandparents, Willow, and the Parents were all perfect. Kat and Denny (Mia’s parents) were one of my favorite parts of the book and movie. In normal YA books, the parents are just gone, while these parents were present the whole time. There wasn’t one character in the whole movie that didn’t feel right. The cast members were the characters.

This movie was filled with so many emotional parts. You laughed when the parents were hiding behind the window when Adam and Mia came back from their date, and you cried when the wreck happened. There are so many parts in this movie that were just so beautiful. I know these aren’t all, but here are some of my favorite emotional moments.

  • The whole wreck in general just tore my heart to pieces. The way you see how confused Mia is and her reactions when she learns that her parents and brother has died are heart-breaking.
  • The family and friends coming to see Mia in the hospital. When her Grandpa comes in and tells her that he understands he she wants to go, and that it’s okay to leave had me with tears rolling down my face. Also, when Kim comes in and says that she still has a family is she stays.
  • Finally, when Mia learns her parents and brother are dead, and she’s crying in the hallway.

One of my favorite parts in the movie is the whole montage at the end before she wakes up. The whole scene was cinematically beautiful. The way they showed all the memories at once and had both the cello and guitar playing in the background was an impacting moment in the movie. It was perfect at building up the suspense.

Finally, the only real problem I had was this movie was Adam talking to her. I know there were other things that were incorrect, like how her Dad dead on the scene or how her brother was at a different hospital, but Adam’s spill was very important. If they are planning on making another movie, they missed a KEY part. Adam never said that if she needed to erase them all, he would go away. That we would be okay as long as she lived. This is the main part of Where She Went, since she leaves Adam. My prediction is that if they make another movie, they will make some sort of flashback or mention it because I fell like it is imperative to the plot of sequel.

Well those are my thought on the movie. Of course I have many more, but I can only write down so many. Sorry if this review is a little late, it took me some time to get all my thoughts together. So how did you guys feel about this movie? What were you favorite and least favorite parts? Let me know!!


How I get my books…

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to reading. Some like ebooks, some like paperbacks. Some like audio books. To me it doesn’t really matter, i’m just glad that people are reading. Here are some of the ways I get my books.

1. My Kindle- Yes I do have an e-reader, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love hard copy books. It’s just easier for me because I have access to books immediately. Also it’s like half the price, and that makes me happy. I have a Kindle Fire and a Paper-white, and I use them all the time. They are very helpful when you want to buy a book on release day.

2. The Library- Another way I get many of my books is from my public library. This is the best because it is FREE. I don’t have to pay anything for books I love. And my library even has some ebooks, so I can check out ebooks as well. I love the library, because if I don’t like a book, then I didn’t waste any money o it. However, there have been times where I read a book at the library I loved, so much I went and bought it.

3. Buying them at Bookstores- This has recently became a new thing for me. I wanted to start filling up my shelves with actual copies, so I have been buying so many books. My two stores I shop at are Barnes and Noble and Half Price books. I especially love half price books because I can normally find cheap books in great condition.

4. Gifts- And finally, many of my gifts are book-related. Sometimes someone straight up gives me a book, or I get gift cards. Normally when my Birthday comes around, I get many kindle cards and Barnes and Noble cards. Which is always great because who doesn’t like buying brand new books without spending their own money.

So this was a pretty random post, but I just started thinking about it when I saw a poll on goodreads. The poll asked: how many people had a tablet and loved reading on it, had a tablet but didn’t read on it, wants a tablet to read on, or would never read on a tablet. The first choice had the most, but it was pretty even. What about you guys? How do you prefer to read?

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September Releases

Well August just flew by, didn’t it? But September brings us so many new and exciting books to enjoy. There are also many books that belong in a series/ending a series are coming out this month. Here are a few I have found that you guys should definitely check out.

August 2

Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes follows Anika Dragomir, a girl who is keeps her real self hidden to keep her social position. Even when the loner nerd has changed, she knows she can’t get involved. This book will start off like a funny high school story, but as the story goes on, the real tragedy is revealed.








Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas is the third book in her Throne of Glass series. It follows Calaena as she avenges the death of her friend. She learns her true destiny as greater forces prepare to take to the skies. Will she be able win her battles and fight a war without putting the loyalities of her people against the people that she love?


August 9 


Falling into Place by Amy Zhang is a story a high school girl, Liz Emerson, when she steers her car into a tree. Is told by an unexpected narrator and contains many flashbacks while her family and friends are in the hospital, as she clings onto life. For fans of  Before I Fall, If I Stay and 13 Reasons Why.


August 16 


In the After Light by Alexandra Bracken is third and final book in the Darkest Minds trilogy. You definitely want to read The Darkest Minds and Never Fade first!

The Infinite Sea is the second book to the 5th Wave and follows Cassie, Ben and Ringer as the 5th wave rolls across the country. They are forced to confront the Others on their goal to make humans extinct.
Some other books coming out this month you might want to check out are…
– The Jewel by Amy Ewing (it looks like twisted Selection book)
– Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld
– I’ll give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson
– Unmarked by Kami Garcia
– Made for You by Melissa Marr