August Wrap Up

That was a quick month. Unfortunately, with the school season starting back up, I haven’t been able to read as much as I wanted to, but I was still able to complete a few this month. I had certain books I wanted to read this month, but that didn’t work out to well. Anyways, here is the small amount of books I completed this August.


1. Isla and the Happily Ever After


This was the one book I knew I was going to read this month. I have been waiting for it for some time, so I bought and read it the day it came out. Overall this was a good book, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. if you want to hear more of my thoughts, read y review of it under the Book Reviews Tab.


2. If I stay


I knew I wanted to read this book, but I didn’t want to wait for the movie. So I waited until the movie came out and then read it. I have a very long review about the book-to-movie adaption that should be up pretty soon. This book is definitely a favorite, I absolutely loved it. And of course since I read this, I also read…


3. Where She Went


This is a shocker! Of course I read the sequel of a book I really enjoyed (especially one that leaves you wanting more), so I don’t really fill the need to explain why I read this.



Yeah that is all the books I read this month. However, I also got into some other books.

– I am currently a hundred pages into The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

– I also just started Just One Day by Gayle Forman. (Because I’m in a If I Stay reading slump)


And for school I have been reading/finished recently…

– Of Mice and Men

– Rocket Boys


So this month was kind of a fail, but it’s okay. Hopefully I will have more time to read this month. Good Byeeeeeeeee.

Book Reviews

Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

Isla has been crushing on Josh since freshman year. She watched his relationship with his friends and ex-girlfriend, saw him at his high and at his low. Little did she know that Josh had paid attention to her too. Now the beginning of senior year in the city of love, and Josh’s old girlfriend in the past, the two will grow closer athan they would have ever thought. However, they will learn, that Happily Ever After, sometimes only exists in fairy tales.

I read Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door and fell in love with the characters. I loved all their little quirks and details about them. The romance between Anna and St. Clair and Lola and Cricket were the best to read. Stephanie Perkins writing is perfect for when you just finished a sad book. It picks you up because it is cute and romantic. This book for me was a little different. Don’t get me wrong, I still loved it, but it is definitely my least favorite of the three.

First off, I didn’t immediately love the main characters at the beginning. In fact, Isla got a little annoying to me at parts of the book. I also didn’t care for the whole “Oh, I loved you since the first time I saw you.” It was fine that Isla had been crushing on Josh for years, but I didn’t care for the part where Josh said that he was flustered around her in freshman year because he liked her too. If that was really the case he would have tried to see if Kurt was really Isla’s boyfriend.

Speaking of Kurt, he was amazing. He was probably my favorite new character, and I felt like he was more ignored as a side character than past side characters. He had a passion for maps that was adorable, and I loved how that was included. It makes a character feel more real if they have strange hobbies.

After getting to know the characters more, we finally get on with the plot of the story. I thought the plot was lacking and it could have been much better in my opinion. One of their conflicts was when Isla broke up with Josh, and it could’ve been solved if they would have just TALKED. I mean in the end they finally did but it took like 1 or 2 months which was way too long. I was just happy that Hattie sent that book to Josh, or they may have never talked.

Now with all that, this book did have some amazing parts. I loved the description of Josh’s art, because it was the only thing we saw about the real Josh. We knew it was his passion by the way he talked about it. Also the “treehouse” was an amazing setting, and I wish that would have been used more. Isla and Josh were a pretty cute couple, and there were definitely moments that make you feel all happy inside. Especially the ending where all the old characters came together. I think that whole scene confirmed to me that I didn’t care for the main characters, because at the point I didn’t care if Josh and Isla were getting back together I was just repeatedly chanting in my mind Anna St. Clair Lola Cricket.

With all that being said, I give this book a 3.8, because it was good book, but after reading Stephanie Perkins other books and knowing what she can write, this one was kind of a letdown. So what did you guys think of this book? What book of the three is your favorite? What was your favorite moment? Please let me know!


Reading Advice- Back to School

As summer break comes to an end, and beginning of school season begins. Everyone starts shopping for supplies and people are getting excited to go back to school. Then you get there, and you forget about the homework and all the things you need to study for. After reading and learning the whole day, sometimes you don’t want to go home and read some more. Even if it is a fun book you normally read to relax, it almost feels like more homework. I know this happens to me, because lately I’ve been in a reading slump, where I never feel like sitting down and reading. If you have problems with this too, then this advice may help!

1. Don’t make reading a chore!
This is the worst thing you can do if you feel like you haven’t been reading enough. BY thinking that you HAVE to sit down and read that one book tomorrow night, you are not going to want to do it. Reading will start to feel like something you dread doing, because it will almost like a chore or homework. If you don’t want to read at that time, DON’T READ! Eventually you will want to pick up the book, and you will enjoy it much more.

2. Designate a good reading time
Now this is something you have probably heard before, but make a certain time everyday that is solely dedicated to reading. Even if you are only reading a couple of pages, you will feel like you have accomplished something. However don’t set your reading time at a time you know you won’t read. For example, if you plan to read right after school or work, there may be a chance you won’t want read as soon as you get home. Make the time after dinner or before bed.

3. Don’t read something completely opposite of what you are used to
If you are someone who is used to contemporary romance, don’t try reading a 800 paged fantasy novel. You will feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with such a large book, and you may not enjoy it that much. I’m not saying don’t branch out at all, but if you’re in a reading slump, it may not be the best idea. However if you are in your slump because you are tired of one certain genre, go ahead and try something different. (:

4. Consider audiobooks!
If you find yourself wanting to read, but not having time to sit down and actually do it, consider trying an audiobook. You can listen to these while your in the car or waiting in line for something.

5. Break a book down into pieces

Don’t actually break the book (that would be horrible!) but break the story down into sections. Read only the amount of pages/chapters that you wanted. This way, when you finish you small goals, you will feel like yo are accomplishing a lot, and will want to read more.

6. Buddy Reads!
This one is really fun! Find someone to read a book with so you can talk about it together. Also you will want to be ahead that person so they don’t ruin anything, so you will be driven to read more pages a day. You can also join book clubs, and one day if I get enough people interested, I might start a monthly read, where we all read the book and discuss it.

These are some of the ideas I thought of to help you read more. I know this last month I have FAILED at reading, and you will see how badly I failed in my monthly wrap up, which should be up in a few days. I will definitely be trying some of these tips myself, and you should give them a try too!


The Selection News

The other day Kiera Cass, author of The Selection dropped some pretty exciting news. She announced that there are more novellas to go along with the series, and the The Queen follows Queen Amberly, and the other novella The Favorite follows Marlee! But that’s not all the news she gave us! Kiera Cass says that she met to her fans demands, and she is expanding the Selection series! She will be adding another two books, and they will be from a different characters point of view. If you want to see her announcing this exciting news, watch the video below. That’s all for now, so now we begin our wait for next Selection book, The Heir.


Top 5 Favorite Series

I’m so sorry that i haven’t posted in a whole week! Everything has been super crazy lately, so it has been super hard to fir in time to post. So I decided I would do a fun list that will show you some of my favorites. My first list while be my top all time favorite series. I will not do stand-alone books in this list because I am currently working on that one now. Without further a do, here are my top 5 favorite series.

1. Harry Potter Series

Now this probably is no surprise, but I absolutely with all my hear adore this series. It was the first series where I had sat down and read every minute of everyday, until i finished them all. Funny thing is, I wouldn’t read them for the longest time, because I thought I would hate the fantastical element of it, but it actually made me fall in love with the genre.

2. Divergent

The Divergent Trilogy will probably forever be on my at least on my top 10 books. I was intrigued with this story as soon as I heard about it, and the first sentence had me hooked. I read this book in a day, and then the next day I bought and read Insurgent. After finishing those, I waited the longest year and a half of my life for the final installment Allegiant. The first book is definitely my favorite, and if you guys would like, I would love to do a series review on this trilogy.

3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

Now I know what your thinking, What?! A middle grade book! I would never read something like this! If you are thinking this, you need to go pick up the first book and read it. This series is absolutely fantastic. It made me love Greek mythology and I loved,loved,loved these characters. If you like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the spin off is even better, which is saying something since the first series is already amazing. Whether child, teen, or adult, Rick Riordan knows how to appeal to ALL audiences.

4. The Hunger Games Trilogy 

You weren’t expecting this were you! *sarcasm* I know, I know, this is very basic with all the hype going around, but I still had to include it. This was the first series actually that got me really into YA fiction, especially the dystopian/science fiction genre. I remember loving how different this book was, because it was the first time I have ever read anything so unique like that, and it opened this whole new world of books to me.

5. The Lunar Chronicles 

Now this one may be more of an actual shocker. This is a pretty popular series, but you might not have heard of it yet. It is a futuristic, sci-fi fairy tale retelling. When you read the summary of the first book, you’ll probably think this series sounds absolutely weird. I remember my first thoughts. You mean it a Cinderella story…with a cyborg? Trust me though, it is so unique and just amazing books. I love picking up on all the little allusions to the fairy tales. Also, each book to me gets better, because new characters are added to the existing ones as they work together. If you have’t already, check this series out!

Alright, so that was my top 5 favorite book series list! I will be back soon with more reviews and fun stuff coming your way!

Book Reviews

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell




Meet Cath, the world’s number one Simon Snow fan, as she starts the newest horror in her life. College. She wouldn’t be as nervous if her twin sister, Wren, hadn’t told her that she didn’t want to share a dorm with her. Now Cath, who is already worrying enough, has to deal with rooming with someone who isn’t her sister. And as if college wasn’t enough, she also has to work on her on-going fanfiction “Carry on, Simon,” which is pretty much her life’s work. Throw in a confusing love life, a teacher that just doesn’t understand, and a boat load of worrying and anxiety, Cath doesn’t know how she’ll even make it through the first semester.

Fangirl is an amazing, relatable coming-of age story that fills you with happiness. Rainbow Rowell does an amazing job at writing characters that are so easy to understand and relate to. Her writing is very witty and you will laugh so many times while reading this book.

If you haven’t read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell yet, I suggest you go to your library/bookstore/anywhere, pick it up and start reading it. Also don’t read any more of this review, because I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you.


After reading Fangirl, I can definitely say that this is on my list of favorite books. I read this book in one sitting, I was so hooked from just the first few pages. I loved how it wasn’t some normal college story where outrageous things happened, but rather an ordinary story about a slightly unordinary girl.

Cath was absolutely the most relatable character I have ever read. Just how she obsessed over books and movies just like me made me love her from the very beginning. Not only her, but all the characters were very interesting and intriguing. I loved Raegan and her sassiness and Levi and his quirkiness.

Now, before I went into this book, I figured that Simon Snow just represented Harry Potter. As I read on, I was sure I was right. However there was this one line, where Levi actually says ‘Harry Potter’. That part confused me, because then I didn’t know if Harry Potter existed in their world or if it was just Simon Snow.

The only other thing that I didn’t particularly care for, was all the excerpts to the fanfiction. I felt like there were a lot of these, and after a while, I got tired of reading them. I didn’t know Simon and Baz as characters that well, so I didn’t care much about what happened to them.

Some of my favorite parts of the books were…

  • The scene where Reagan asks Cath about the protein bars. I was laughing so much.
  • When Cath read Levi’s book to him-it was adorable and it showed that you could love books even you can’t read them well.
  • The twins names were explained- Cather and Wren= Catherine. I thought that was hilarious when I read it.
  • The ending where Wren and Cath got the last book in the Simon Snow series. I thought it was an amazing ending to an amazing book.

Well those are some of my thoughts on Fangirl, and I give it 4.5 stars. I hope you guys enjoyed this book as much as I did, and keep watching for more posts!


New Category!

I decided that I wanted one more category on my blog. A fun one that would be quick and easy. And so, the list category was born. Here I will post things like “Best Books of the year so far” and “Books you are ashamed you haven’t read yet.” I may list my top 5, top 8, 10, 15, 20, it just depends. I hope this will be a category that will be fun to read. Well, now I’m off to writing some book reviews, which I PROMISE will be up very soon.