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Keep on Trying

As some of you may know, for my monthly tbr this month, I had to read a book that I never finished. I was kind of dreading this for some reason, because I feel like once I quit a book, I will never be able to finish it. It has happen before where I tried reading a book again, and I just quit it again. At that point I just accept I don’t like it and will never finish it. However, this time it wasn’t the case. I decided to try The Darkest Minds again, and now I don’t know how I didn’t read this months ago when I first bought it. Apparently I had not gotten very far at all, because it got very interesting right after I quit. What I’m try to say is, there are going to be books that you just don’t like and won’t want to read. However there are some that you have to give a second chance. Maybe even a third. I think I will use this in the future, and make myself get at least 1/3 of the way through the book before quitting. you never know, you could be missing out on something great.

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Disney Song Tag

Disney Song Tag

I decided it was time for me to create another tag! This one is inspired by some Disney songs that I enjoy, and I thought of some book questions that seemed to go along with the song. I haven’t seen this tag before, but I am sure someone has done this before! If you would like to participate in this tag, please feel free to do so, just please post a link to Find Me at the Library on that post. Alright, let’s get started!

1. A Whole New World- What is your favorite newest fantasy series?
Well, I’m not too far into it right now, but I’m reading The Darkest Minds and it seems pretty good so far. I’m not sure how ‘much fantasy is in it, but from where I am now it seems to be heading down that road.


 2. Part of You World- What book world would you like to live in? 

Obviously, the Wizarding World. I could go to Hogwarts for school and be surrounded by magic. Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade would be in my life and all would be well. (See what I did there…)


3. Let it Go- What book/series do you wish everyone would stop talking about?
For a while, I was always hearing things about the Hush Hush books. I never read them and I refuse to read them, just because I can’t imagine them being good. These people who never read decide to read that series in particular, and while I’m glad they are reading, couldn’t they pick a better one?


4. When You Wish Upon a Star- What book or series do you wish you could have more of?
I feel like a good answer would be Harry Potter for this because no one gets tired of it, but I can’t use it for all my answers. I suppose the next one would have to be Percy Jackson and his adventures, because there are tons of greek myths that Rick Riordan could work with.


5. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious- What is the longest book you have read?

 I have to clock in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for this one, which if I am remembering right, has around 894 pages.


6. Hakuna Matata- What book could you read over and over without a care in the world?
Divergent, because I have reread that book more times than any other book. It always starts out with me just going through my favorite parts, and then I just end up rereading it.


7. A Spoonful of Sugar- What couple has the sweetest relationship?
Of course, I have to go with John Green’s Hazel and Gus. They meet and everything in their lives are better. Gus is the sweetest guy ever, and even spends his wish on something he wants to do with Hazel. Even though they don’t have the longest relationship, their little infinity is truly the greatest.


8. You Got a Friend in Me- Who are the best “best friends?”
There are so many to choose from when it comes to this question. I mean Will and Jem are great, but I feel like I have to pick Harry and Ron. Ugh too hard…


9. Zero to Hero- What character wasn’t expected to be a hero?
NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM. Poor Neville, no one ever believed in him. Then he came out against Voldemort and ended up killing a horcrux, showing how awesome he truly was.


10. You’ll Be in My Heart- What Character death made you cry the most?


Probably Augustus Waters because if someone didn’t cry at that, they have no heart. A close second would have to be Tris, because I just really wasn’t expecting that to happen at all.


If you decide to do this tag, please leave you post below so I can see them! Also, if you are someone who enjoys doings tags like these, comment below so I can start tagging you and putting your link on here, that way you know a new tag is up. I hope you have fun if you decide to do it.



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All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Author: Jennifer Niven

Publisher: Knopf

Release Date: January 6

Rating: 4 out of 5

“All Finch wanted in life was to be dead. One afternoon while teetering on the ledge at the top of the school, he meets Violet. She, like Finch, just wants to die. As they start working together on a school project that requires to wander around Indiana, they grow closer than they would have ever thought. On their journey, Violet learns about all the things that there is to live for, and wants to have a happy life with Finch. However, Finch is still set on dying soon, and convincing him otherwise will be hard.”

Oh. My. Gosh. I’m not sure how to explain how much I enjoyed this book. Before I actually read it, I had seen some negative reviews and figured it would be one of those “eh okay” books. I was definitely wrong with that prediction. I can see why people may not have liked it, but to me, there are so many things to enjoy about this book.

First off, the characters. Finch was a very unique and interesting character, and I haven’t read a book in a while with someone like him. The way his mind worked and how he acted with so many different personalities was fascinating to read. Violet wasn’t as interesting, but I still enjoyed her story and seeing how she dealt with things. However,I was super frustrated with her when she was very secretive of her relationship with Finch and how she hid him from everyone.

The story started off good, but it definitely picked up and got good after the assignment was assigned. I loved seeing these two characters grow close throughout their whole adventure. I myself had two favorite wanderings that they visited. The first one was the roller coaster because it sounded really fun and made a fun scene in the book. The second was the “Before I Die” wall because I had prior knowledge of it and I was really important for them to see that.

While the main characters of this story were great, there were definitely a fair share of jerky characters as well. First off, everyone in the school besides Finch’s two friends were absolutely horrible. In their people, they listed the top most suicidal person and told Finch to go jump. I mean who does that? Besides the school, we also have to recognize FInch’s dad. He beat the kids, left them because he didn’t like them, and then invites them to see his “new and improved” family.

The relationship between Violet and Finch was something I loved in this book. It was obvious and very expected, but they still started with a bumpy path. The way they talked to one another was adorable. In fact, one of the best scenes is when they are on the roof shouting Dr. Seuss quotes.

It is time to start talking about the ending. When Finch locked himself away, I was starting to get worried. For awhile after he left, I thought that was how it would end without us never truly knowing what had happened to him.  As soon as I had seen the post-it note with a violet drawn on it, I knew he had died. (SPOILER FOR DIVERGENT…. It reminded me of how Veronica Roth stopped saying whose perspective it was in after Tris died…. END OF SPOILER) Once Violet went to the Blue Hole we got to see what really happened.

Overall, I think that this is a great book and I think many people would like it. If you are someone who likes Looking for Alaska or sad love stories, this is a perfect book for you. It is very emotional. Sometimes you are laughing along with the characters, and another you are ready to cry.


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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Heroines from Books


Top Ten Tuesday is a feature from The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a certain theme to follow, and you try and make a list of ten. It is a very fun post and if you would like to check the website out the link is here.

February 24th: Top Ten Favorite Heroines from Books (or tv/movies)


 1. Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson

As soon as I hear the word heroine, she pops into my mind. She is always coming in and saving the day and is better than pretty much all the guys when it comes to fighting. She is smart and strategic and always knows the best decision to make.

2. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

I consider it a tie with these two girls as number one, because I can’t pick my favorite between them. I absolutely love  Hermione Granger as a character and she is the perfect friend. She is a very bright witch and always has the right spell.

3. Tris Prior from Divergent

(SPOILERS IN ANSWER IF YOU HAVEN”T READ THE SERIES) Seriously, I don’t want to spoil anyone. I feel like I have to include Tris high on this list just because everything she does. She is constantly out fighting and making sacrifices (even though some are very unnecessary). I mean she makes the ultimate sacrifice in the end to save everyone and leaves behind all the people she love.

4. Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles

Who doesn’t love Cinder? She is always trying to do the right thing, and is just an amazing and unique character that I love reading.

5. Lizzie Bennet from Pride and Prejudice

Yes, I understand her name is Elizabeth, but I lie saying Lizzie better. Anyways, she is such an independent lady with very strong opinions. I love the way she comes off as a character on the pages, and she is very entertaining.


I just realized that I have never said anything about The Help on this blog 😮 Technically, it isn’t young adult but it still amazing.The women in these books are just wonderful like Abilene and Minny. They have very inspiring stories that show you another perspective. Also I really enjoy Skeeter as a character and how she strives to find their stories. Needless to say but all the other snotty ones aren’t included on this heroines list.

Of course I could go on and on about book characters, but for now let’s see some other heroines.


7.  Katniss Everdeen (Movie Version)

Yes, I know what you are thinking. The Hunger Games is a book though? Obviously I think book Katniss is a heroine as well, but I wanted to point out how much I love the portrayal of Katniss. Jennifer Lawrence was made for the role in my eyes and really brings the character and her heroic deeds to life.

8. The Black Widow from The Avengers

I had to include her just because she is an Avenger which makes her awesome automatically. Like that one scene, she was tied to a chair and there was like an emergency, so she just got out of the chair no big deal.

9. Elastigirl from The Incredibles

Ummm need I explain? Her power is insane flexibility and can morph her body into different shapes, which helps when you are SAVING LIVES.

10. Mia from The Princess Diaries

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is a book but I haven’t read it. However I have seen both movies, and Mia is an awesome princess. \


Well that’s it for now! I really loved this Top Ten Tuesday, and I may revisit this one day and add some others as I think of them!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Book Related Problems I Have



Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. They create all kinds of super awesome list ideas that we all get to participate in. Check out their website:

This is the theme from last week (Feb 17) which was during the time I was sick. Even though it’s a week late, I’m still going to post what I have for this theme! I am going to use this post kind of as an intro that will lead into another post.


Top Ten Book Related Problems I have

  1. When I own some books in a series on my kindle and then some in real life.
  2. Having to wait a year for the next book to come out (even though sometimes the countdown can be kind of fun).
  3. The fact that books cost money.
  4. Not being able to find the perfect reading position.
  5. Reading so long that your eyes hurt, but you still want to keep going.
  6. Bad Movie Adaptations (I could go on for hours about certain movies…)
  7. Reading through good books really fast when you wish you could slow down.
  8. Having a disappointing end to a book.
  9. My kindle dying at the absolute worst moment in the book.
  10. Having to end a series ):


That’s it for now, but keep a look at for a post concerning this matter. Until then, what are your book-related problems?

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Contemporary Authors You Have to Read

A post that should’ve been out last week:

With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, I decided to do a few contemporary and romance posts. This orginally started off as being contemporary books you must read, but I recognized a trend of authors on my list and changed it. Now I have many books from most of these authors, and if I haven’t, I have seen many great things surrounding their books. This isn’t ranked in any specific order.

Rainbow RowellPicMonkey Collage

If you read any sort of ya contemporary book, and you haven’t heard of Rainbow Rowell, I’m convinced you live under a rock. You see Eleanor & Park everywhere, and I talk about Fangirl quite a bit on here. I have a sample of Attachments on my kindle and I loved it, so I will be buying that soon! Her latest book is Landline, and I beleive it came out this past summer. I think many people would agree with me and say that Rainbow Rowell is a must read contemporary author. Her new book is called Carry On and for those of you who have read Fangirl, you guessed right. She decided to write her own version of Simon and Baz’s story. For  more information on her new book, check out this post!





PicMonkey Collage 2Stephanie Perkins 

You can not truly read the Best of YA contemporary without reading Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. For the msot part, people I have talked to really like this book. It is very predictable, but it is the perfect romance book to read after reading a really emotional book. Lola and Isla are both very good as well, but Anna is my favorite with Lola at a close second. Also, I really love the covers of these book, and I think that are much better now that they are changed. If you haven’t given these books a try yet, definitely do so!  I actually had this blog when Isla and the Happily Ever After, so here is my review!





Gayle Forman PicMonkey Collage GAyle

This is another woman that write absoluely amazing contmeporary books. If I Stay isn’t a complete romance and deals with other topics, however there is a ton of Romance in it and it’s sequel Where She Went. I absolutely adored the first book and it is definitely a favorite, so much that I even did a review on the movie that came out last August. I read Just One Day awhile ago, and it is a very romantic book that takes part in Paris, which makes it so much better. She also just came out with I Was Here which is a more emotional book that features very dark topics. There is also some romance thrown in that book as well.




Jenny Han

PicMonkey Collage jhI constantly hear people talk about The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy all the time. However, I actually haven’t read it myself. I’m not sure when or if I will just because there are so many other books to read. But I can say that Jenny Han is a great writer, because I read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and it was amazing. Probably my favorite contemporary I last year besides Fangirl. I wrote a whole review on it, and I actually have a post coming up about it soon (: If you are looking for a contemporary author to read, Jenny Han is defintiely someone to turn to.





Jennifer E. Smith

PicMonkey Collage Jen

This is actually the only author on this list that I haven’t read. Apparently they are like super great and just pure romance and happiness. I unfortunately have yet to expeirence this romance and happiness, because I have no idea why I haven’t read a Jennifer E. Smith book. If I made a list of authors I am surprised I haven’t read, she would be on it. Mainly because I love the striking look of her covers. Seriously, how can you avoid these in the store!




 John Green


If you have a list of contemporary authors, you can’t forget John Green. I feel I don’t need to do much explaining for this one. Obviously, The Fault in Our Stars is a big read, but don’t forget his other books as well. I’ve read Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns, and they were both wonderful. Yes, John Green can make you very sad, but the romances in his books are some of the best!
















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The Sunday Post: Sick Week






The Sunday Post is a weekly meme created by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It is a way to recap posts and talk about what is coming in the future that week. Check out the Website Caffeinated Book Reviewer here for more information on her meme:


I’m Back!! You probably forgot that this blog even existed I’ve been gone for so long! Trust me, I ddin’t forget about this place, however I’ve been too sick to do anything. The past week I’ve been in bed with the flu, so I wasn’t able to do much of anything. Unfortunately, I had some posts planned and ready around Valentine’s Day, but I wasn’t able to post them. I will probably go through them and post the one’s I really like. Because of this sporadic week off, I am definitely very behind on my posting schedule. I can’t believe this is the last Sunday in Febuary! The last week of the month includes many posts, so hopefully I’ll get those out this week. Here’s what is going on…


Currently Reading (kind of):


  • As mentioned above, I haven’t be up to doing much this past week, so I unfortunately didn’t get read any new books. However, in the later days of the week when I was feeling a bit better, I picked up my kindle and started looking through Insurgent. of course this lead to me pretty much re-reading the entire thing. Of course I couldm’t just start there, so I started re-reading Allegiant for the first time (I was never emotionally stable to pick this book up again lol). Whiel they are not new books to me, I still enjoyed them nonetheless.


Upcoming Posts

For the first two days of this week, I’ll be posting what I had planned for last week. This includes…

  • All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven Book Review
  • Must-Read Contemporary Authors
  • Top Ten Book Related Problems I have

Besides these posts, we have

  • Top Ten Books You Would Classify as ALL TIME FAVORITES (that will be hard)
  • A tag I created myself
  • “Trying to Start a Book I can’t Finish”
  • Best Fall Cover Releases


It’s good to be back and posting! Can’t wait for the rest of this week (:



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I Was Here Review by Gayle Forman

Author: Gayle Forman

Publisher: Viking Juvenile

Release Date: January 27

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

“After Meg drinks a deadly chemical in a hotel room, Cody is left to wonder why. She learns that the best friend she thought told her everything had actually hid many things. I Was Here is a story that shows the emotional  journey one girl takes to know her friend after she leaves her.”

I thought that I Was Here was overall a pretty interesting story. There were things I loved about it, things I wish didn’t happen, and things I wanted more of. This review will have many spoilers, so if you haven’t read I Was Here by Gayle Forman, I would suggest reading it and then coming back!

One of the best things in  this story is the surprising things you learn about Meg. Everything from the cats to Ben Mcallister, all these things that Cody learns helps us create Meg as a character. Normally when I read a book, I can kind of get of sense of where the plot is going and predict what might happen. In no world would I have ever seen the “suicide support group” twist coming. When this is revealed the whole entire book gets much darker and it starts to get better.

While first reading it, I wished that the reader could see more of Meg. Even if there was just a chapter before everything had happened. However, as I went on, my decision made a complete switch. Gayle Forman was able to paint this picture of Meg and give us her personality even though she is not physically in the story. All we know about her thoughts on life are just implied. We never truly see into her mind and what was going on when everything was happening, which is very true when it comes to real life.

One thing I didn’t care for was the Cody/Ben romance. I understand that they were both connected and as characters, they had to change over the course of the story. However, I don’t think it was necessary to add the romance. They hated each other at first, so if they grew into really good friends throughout the plot, they still would have had changed feelings. I Was Here had bigger things to focus on, and the romance was a distraction from it.

Unfortunately, when reading this book, it didn’t feel like a Gayle Forman book. I can’t explain this in the best way, but Gayle’s writing style in If I Stay made me fall in love with the book. Not only this, but I was also more connected to the If I Stay characters, and I cared more about what happened to them. It’s not that I didn’t like Cody or the other characters, they just didn’t seem very real on paper.

In the end, I thought that I Was Here was a pretty good book. I mainly loved it because it took a turn I never saw coming, and left you feeling kind of creeped out. Every part with the All_BS user was calm but very creepy. He just had this effect on people, and for a moment, I believed that Cody might be suicidal as well. That to me is what made this book. The main reason I picked this up was because it was a Gayle Forman book, but many people that like books that deal with dark issues like suicide, they would really enjoy I Was Here.




Update 2/9/15

Long time no see! I notice that I have been absent for a couple of days. For awhile now, I had been in a bit of a reading slump. I never really felt like reading or I would put down books. This of course led me to putting out barely any reviews. However, the other day I was just in this mood. I don’t know what it was I just wanted to read. So I picked up a book and read it in a day. Then after that I picked up another one. I was so caught up in reading and thinking about the things I would add to my review, that I didn’t even post anything. I hadn’t read like this in awhile and I was happy to be doing it again. However, I’m not going to stop posting or anything. Now I just have more material to work with. I had been wanting to put more reviews out lately, but I never could.

Needless to say, I will have at least 2 book reviews on here by the end of the week. I am also working on some other posts, so watch out for those as well!


January Book Haul

January Book Haul

In the month of January, I actually required a couple of books. This is abnormal for me, because I will rarely get so many physical book copies in a month, as I buy books on my kindle as well. However, since this month was my  birthday month and I have a much bigger shelf, I got more physical books. I will give you more information about each book below, and it will be from left to right.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
All Violet wants is to graduate and move away from her small town. Theodore just wants to die. As Goodreads describes it, All the Bright places is a perfect mix of two bestsellers The Fault in our Stars and Eleanor & Park.

When I first read about this book when writing my January Releases Post, I was intrigued by it. I feel like I will either really love it or it’ll be a complete flop. We’ll see!

I Was Here by Gayle Forman

Cody thought she knew everything about her best friend Meg. However, after Meg commits suicide in a hotel room, Cody is left to find the answers. Everything she thought she knew about her is gone and she discovers many things her ‘best friend’ never told her about.

Of course I picked this book up, it’s from Gayle Forman!

Fairest by Marissa Meyer

This is a bridge story between Cress and Winter by Marissa Meyer. So far, all we know about Queen Levana is how she uses her ‘glamour’ to gain power over people. That is, until now. Meyer has finally written the story of Queen Levana and it is definitely a must-read for fans of the series.

I am absolutely obsessed with the Lunar Chronicles, and this makes me even more excited for Winter!

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson 

Before Sloane came into her life, Emily didn’t do anything. She wasn’t the one for partying and adventures. Just when she was preparing for a great summer, her best friend Sloane just disappears without a trace. The only thing she left was a list of crazy random things from picking apples at night to dancing until daybreak that Emily needed to complete that summer.

After I read the synopsis, this was another book I was intrigued with. It looks like a really fun summer contemporary, but i don’t know if I can wait that long to read it!

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Samantha was just done celebrating Cupid Day, a day for partying that guaranteed you to be popular, when she died in a terrible crash. However, she didn’t die. Well technically she did, but she relieves that day 7 times, noticing many different things.

I honestly haven’t heard anyone talk about this book. I knew it existed and knew the overall story, but I can’t remember if people liked it or not. Guess I’ll be the judge of that.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

It’s Nick and Amy’s anniversary, when suddenly Amy goes missing. Nick isn’t helping himself out as he keeps on imaging her there. However, after reading into Amy’s diary, a whole new perspective is given. Everyone thinks that Nick killed her, but he still pleads innocent. But if it wasn’t him, who else could it be?

I’m kind of excited, yet kind of nervous for this one. I haven’t read any thrillers/mysteries in a while and I just hope this one is good!

Well those are the 6 books I got this month! I don’t expect to do this every month obviously, but I may start doing something like this after I buy a few books. Maybe something like every two months, and include kindle books? I’m not sure yet…