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Why things are really confusing right now!

You’ve probably noticed, but as of right now, my blog posts are not all that consistent. I mean my book reviews all have different formats, my monthly releases look different, and I keep adding and making changes to things. I know, it is a mess. Since starting Find me in the Library, I have been in a continuous process of seeing what I like and dislike.I’m trying to work out all the little kinks, so please bear with me. I’m getting closer to a point where most things will be finalized. Of course, that doesn’t mean that things still can’t change. But for right now, I decided to let you in on some of the things I’m working on currently, and some new additions.

– I’m in the process of making a rating system for my reviews, so there will be a post about that very soon. I’m hoping this will make my reviews clearer and you can my see actual rating of the book.

– I’m also sketching out a schedule, so I will have new posts up frequently. I don’t won’t to get too behind, where I just leave for weeks at a time.

– I’m participating in a NEW meme called “The Sunday Post” which was created by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It is where, I can post a recap of what was posted that week, and news/updates. I also will be trying to give some information on upcoming post for that week. Here is the original link: http://caffeinatedbookreviewer.com/the-sunday-post-meme

– Currently, I’m looking for another meme to go on Thursdays. Ideally, I want the memes to be Sun. Tues. Thurs. that way it’s not like one a day.

– And finally, (I know it’s a lengthy list) I will be incorporating tags on this blog. These are pretty much just the book tags that I see on YouTube, and they look fun, and I wanted to try them out. I haven’t really been tagged for any of them, they’re just ones I found myself, and will not be tagging people unless people are interested.

So that’s pretty much it for right now, I will be done with most of these things very soon. If you have any suggestions or if you have a Thursday meme, please let me know, I’m looking for a good one! Thanks!