My Favorite Imagine Dragons Songs // AKA my FAVORITE band

So earlier this year, I decided that I also wanted to share some of my other interests besides reading. One of those being music…the band Imagine Dragons in particular. They have been my favorite band for 7(?!) years now. I’ve been able to experience the release of two of their albums as well as go to two of their concerts (both of which are unforgettable nights). It’s not just their music that I love–I truly just love what the band stands for. They are the most grounded people; they don’t let the fame get to their heads. Also, their songs are meaningful. Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors were both written as the lead singer Dan Reynolds battled with depression. The most recent album, Evolve, has more upbeat tracks to symbolize how his mental health journey is getting better. He speaks up a lot about mental health, even at the concerts. There are so many themes throughout the song that you can really relate to, which is just another reason why I love this band!

Image result for imagine dragons album cover

Night Visions

It’s Time



Image result for imagine dragons album cover

Smoke + Mirrors


Hopeless Opus


I’m So Sorry


Image result for imagine dragons album cover evolve


I Don’t Know Why

Rise Up


Walking the Wire





I also just found out that they have a new song coming out on February 21st, and I am SOOOO ready for it. Then again, I am always ready for new Imagine Dragons content!

Have you ever heard of Imagine Dragons? If so, have a favorite song?