How my preferred genre changes with my mood…

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t just happen to me. Have you ever read a book that just puts you in this whole new genre mood? For example, you could read a great historical fiction book, and then start looking for more history books to read. Or it could have the opposite effect where you read something, and you just want something completely different.

Right now, I have been on this contemporary book extravaganza (for lack of better word-¬†also extravaganza sounds cool). This of course isn’t the worse thing, it is just very unusual. I do enjoy contemporary books, I really do. But I’m left disappointed a lot with them. Now don’t get me wrong there are some AMAZING contemporary book out there, but some are just kind of flat. That is why I am shocked that I’ve been reading so many of them lately. After some thinking, I came up with the idea that after I read a book I’ve been anticipating forever, I go on this contemporary kick. I specifically remember reading contemporary books after reading Allegiant. One thing about contemporary books, is that you can always find the happy cute ones that can lift your spirit after an author tore your heart out.

However, I have also had this work the other way on me. Of course when I read the Hunger Games for the first time, that just opened my eyes to this whole new genre of dystopian science fiction. After it I was constantly looking for more dystopian fiction¬†. Same with Harry Potter, I wanted more fantasy. I just think it’s interesting how reading one book can spark up a whole new like or dislike. I hope this makes some sense, I couldn’t explain it as well as I wanted too.

So does this happen to you guys? Or am I just crazy with weird explanation for things?