The Mortal Instruments TV Show?!

Many of you have probably seen the Mortal Instruments Movie, or have at least heard of how big of a flop it was in the theaters. They decided that instead of making of movie, they would turn the series into a TV show. They are projecting to film a pilot with in a couple of months, and then hopefully air the show in Fall 2015. This means that they will more than likely recast, and find actors than those who acted in the movie (which may or may not be good news, depending on your own opinion). People are questioning if they will start of with City of Bones or continue on with City of Ashes. I think it would be more logical to start the series off again, so they can add in the extra details. By doing so, they should be able to stay true to the book more, which rarely happens.

What do you guys think about it being a TV series? Where should they start it? Who would you like to see casted? Leave your comments below!