Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions

Top Ten

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week, there is a certain theme assigned where you have to try to list ten for that category. For more information, visit their page here.

January 5: Resolutions for the New Year

I have done a small post on this already, but they were all pretty broad and book-centered. Since then, I have thought of some more things I want to do this year, so here they are, in no particular order!

  1. Read more books: This is pretty obvious, who wouldn’t want to read more books!
  2. Keep this blog consistent and try to keep to a schedule of some sort: This way, I can hopefully avoid blogging slumps.
  3. Drink more water than I am already!
  4. Interact more on my Twitter account: It is just sitting there, ready to be used!
  5. Learn more with graphics and try to incorporate them more into posts: I have been experimenting with this more, and I really like where it is going.
  6. WATCH DISNEY MOVIES!!! I just really want to watch some of my old favorites this year!
  7. Read books that I already have in my possession. 
  8. Participate in more blog events, like read-a-thons. I am participating in bout of books, and I want more events like that!
  9. Remember to keep a positive attitude.
  10. Eat more fruits and vegetables, because they make you feel great!

So those are some of my resolutions! What about you?




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