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How to Catch Up on Reading Goals

With it being the beginning of November, we only have 2 more months left in 2015! I know it’s crazy! That means that everyone is only 2 months away from their yearly reading goal. Some people may be ahead or on track, but this post is for those who are behind and want to catch up as much as they can. I myself am pretty bad about logging which books I have read, so I’m not sure how many books I am behind (but I am sure it’s a lot with this past month!) Here are some of the ways I plan on reading as much as I can so I can add a few more books to my yearly total.

  1. Always have a book on you

  2. Read every chance you get

  3. Dedicate time everyday to reading 

  4. Make a reading routine/calendar

  5. Read before you go to bed

  6. Try audio books when you can’t physically sit down and read

  7. Pick some shorter books

  8. Don’t read the 1000 page book!

  9. Pick books that interest you

  10. Try marathoning series to get as many books as you can

  11. Utilize weekends and break you have during the month


I hope these eleven tips help someone! If you really want to reach your goal, think about the books you are choosing to read. If you hate reading classics, don’t pick up something like War and Peace. Think about what you want to read that you can read fast, and then read as much as you can! Completing your goal feels really awesome, so try as hard as you can!


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