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Liebster Award (Kinda)

Hey guys, I was nominated for anotehr Liebster award. I love doing these posts because I absolutely love answering the questions. However, I have done quite a few at this point, and I a running out of people to nominate! I don’t want to get in the habit of nominating the same person every time (even though they deserve it ;). So this time, I am just going to answer the questions. I am going to start making a list of new links for future tags, so I next time I will have some new people!

Thanks to Rogan @ Signing On for nominating me! You have definitely given me some of the best questions, and I am very excited to answer them!

What is your favourite book troupe? – While there are many troupes that are extremely boring, there are two that I find myself enjoying more than not. The tortured soldier, when the main character has such a hard life leading up to their heroic act (cough cough HARRY POTTER). Then another one I like is the funny/quirky side character that steal the show in their own way.

What is your least favourite piece of furniture?- Stools. This is not a chair. There is nowhere to rest my back. I am eternally uncomfortable.

What is your best quality, physical or not?- I am actually a very determined person, so when a serious project comes my way, I will not stop working until it is perfect.

If you had to die your hair an unnatural colour for the rest of your life, which colour would you choose?- Oh I am not a fan of unnatural colored hair. This is so hard. Can black be considered unnatural? Or a very obvious unnatural blonde?

What is your favourite thing about blogging?- I love the days when I actually come up with a unique post. Also, seeing other people’s perspectives on books.

Why did you choose to blog and not do videos? Did you ever consider doing videos? Do you do both?- Editing videos take wayyyy more time than writing a post, especially when you mess up when talking as much as I do.

How would you describe your book buying habits?- I am pretty good when it comes to buying books because  I know that i have no money! I try to utilize my local library and shop at half priced books more.

What is your preferred genre?- Fantasy. Absolute sucker for world building, and I tend to read series more than standalones.

Do you like Middle Grade, YA or Adult fantasy more?- Probably YA, but Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are both considered middle grade, and those are two amazing series.

Those were some great questions! I’m scheduling and premaking some posts today, so watch out for those!


2 thoughts on “Liebster Award (Kinda)”

  1. Nice answers! Yeah, picking people to nominate can be tricky. I love me some fantasy too. I guess a yellow-ish unnatural blonde would work? Or a solid black that is obviously not just dark brown….

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