R.I.P Chasing Life

It is no secret that I like to watch TV. I have my shows that I absolutely love to watch. Unfortunately this weekend, one of my favorites has been ripped away from me by being cancelled.

Yep, that’s right. Chasing Life got cancelled by ABC Family. I would have been more okay with this cancellation had I not just watched the season 2 finale a few days before. THere were so many things just left there in the open. None of the strings were tied, let alone tied into pretty bows. And now, I will never know what happens.

Chasing Life was definitely one of the better shows to air on ABC Family. It was a very serious and real concept, and while their was added drama (hello its TV), it did a very good job at maintaining to the overall theme of how cancer is a costant battle. I am just sad that I will not see where the writers were planning on taking April in the next season.

We will not know if April has given up, or if she will continue to fight in her journey.

We will never see Beth with her baby.

We will never see Finn and Brenna together after realizing she was his donor.

We will never know what ultimately happens to George after the whole Thomas fiasco.


ABC Family, thanks for a great two seasons, but please consider the amazing show you are pulling off the air next time it come to cancellation season.


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