Inspiration Situation

I can’t explain to you guys how frustrated I have been lately. My posts have been few in between, and I absolutely hate the drop this blog has taken since I have gotten busy. Not only is there less time to sit down in write, but when I actually have the time, I have no idea what to write!

This lack of inspiration has really been weighing on me, because more than anything I just want to get back into my normal groove of blogging. Since it is Labor Day, I am taking it upon myself to sit down today and think up some posts and maybe even write some out. I have another extremely busy week ahead of me, but my goal is to have at least 3 posts up this week!

I also downloaded the WordPress app on my phone so I can look at my other posts and work on my own when I’m on the go. It’s been forever since I have looked through the wp reader, and I miss you guys!

So today is my work day. If I’m really productive I may even have a post up later tonight 😉 well see.


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