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4 Types of Bookmarkers

Bookmarking; the eternal argument between readers. I’m sure you have all heard the discussion before about how to mark your page, from the “Look at my shiny bookmark,” to the “I just fold the page.” Every time I see this brought up, I also hear different responses, so what is it for you?

*This post is made in a joking sort of way, so please don’t get offended! I just really exaggerated stereotypes, so this doesn’t define all readers!*

Bookmarks vs. Dog-Ears vs. Random Objects Vs. NOthing


The Pretty Bookmarkers

These are the people who always have a bookmark ready to use. Somehow, they are able to keep their fancy place holders without losing them all the time. Bookmarkers tend to care a lot for their books, and you don’t find them bending/folding/writing in any of their precious babies.

The “Dog-ear”ers 

These people the people who really want their book to show loved. Whether it’s to remember what page they are on or mark a favorite scene, they are not hesitant to reach up and fold the corner over. You will often find their books very folded and bent, but that’s just the way they like them.

The RAndom Object-ErS

These people are always reading in a rush, so they will use whatever they can find to mark their place. And by anything, I mean absolutely anything. Whether it’s a random receipt, an un-opened straw, or and old candy wrapper, they will find a use for it. It may be strange, but hey, at least they know what page they are on!

The DOn’t need nothing-Ers

These people don’t even need anything to mark their place. It’s all up in the head, no need to mark anything. They are able to easily remember what part of what page they were on, and are able to get there very quickly. They don’t have to suffer the “nothing to mark my page” that others readers do.


What would I consider myself? I’m definitely a crossbred between a “don’t need nothing” and a “random object-er.” For the most part, I remember where I am and don’t need to, but if I think I need to mark it, I normally just tear a slice of paper or use an old library receipt. So what kind of bookmarker are you? Are you a pristine bookmarker that frets over dog-ears, or are you the person that grabs a clean spoon?


13 thoughts on “4 Types of Bookmarkers”

  1. I’m all of the above except dog ears! I like my book as shiny as new XD I can never read in peace so when I need to do stuffs for a minute I usually find sth nearby to mark my page, it goes from my phone to my remote control to an eraser or even a water bottle XD Great post btw!

  2. Mine always somehow ends up being a bill or piece of mail that was laying around lol Im probably one of those people who leaves it in the book and then returns it to the library and then the next patron opens it and finds a random piece of mail from some stranger in the book lol

  3. Great post! I’m definitely a mixture of a Pretty Bookmarker (I have so many bookmarks lying around!), or just finding a random object. I’m often using little scraps of paper I find, or sometimes even tissues! 😀 Great post,

    ~ Denise @ The Bibliolater

  4. I am a mixture. I tend to use nice bookmarks because I like the way they look (but I do write in my books etc.) but for temporarily holding my place I often end up using random things.. like my bed sheets…. I used to always just remember the page number but I like not having to remember to pay attention (although I usually do anyway out of habit).

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