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Book Discussion: Multitasking While Reading

With all the awards and tags going around, there is one question that I seem to see a lot- “Can you multitask while reading a book?” When this is asked it is normally referring to activities such as listening to music or watching TV, but there are other activities under multitasking as well.

After reading several posts, I found that most people actually say yes! Apparently I am part of the minority when it comes to multitasking and books. It is absolutely impossible for me to read while listening to music, and sometimes I wish it wasn’t that way. I see all these amazing book playlists with songs to match the tone, but I can’t listen to them. If a song is on when I am reading, I get distracted because I am going along with the lyrics. I don’t want to focus on the music more than the wonderful book in front of me! Now when I say music playing, I mean music that I am directly playing around me. Background noises and music don’t affect me at all, but if I play something on the computer next to me, it’s over. I’m just weird like that.

When it comes to watching TV and reading, I’m not sure how it is possible to pay attention to two stories at once. I want to direct my attention to one or the other, or else I’m getting nothing out of either of them. However, I am allll about reading during commercial breaks! It’s such a productive way to spend time if it is a book you can easily put down after a couple of minutes.

Am I the only one like this? Does anyone else have the same issue with listening to music while reading? Even when writing I can’t listen unless it is that “concentration” music. Seriously, I have typed lyrics before! For all of those who do listen to music while reading, what music do you lean toward? Is there any genre that distracts you more than another?


8 thoughts on “Book Discussion: Multitasking While Reading”

  1. I used to be able to listen to music and read, so much so that there are certain songs and books that are so connected in my brain I can’t hear a song without thinking of the other. Then I got older and apparently lost my ability to concentrate because I need complete silence while I read these days. I also can’t write (reviews, discussion posts) while listen to music either, this is mostly because I like to read aloud what I write to make sure it sounds good and lyrics can be very distracting. I do tend to listen to classical music sometimes when I write because there is something about it that helps my brain function. I guess we are both in the minority because the only time I can read while watching tv is during commercial breaks too.

    1. This sounds just like me! For the longest time I thought many people were like this, but in recent months I have been proved very wrong! Classical and focus music are the only things I can really listen to when I need to sit down and write something.

  2. Depends on my mood. I can usually multitask pretty well but that also really depends on the book topic! If it’s some serious deep stuff, then I need my head fully emersed in it.

  3. Nope, I am exactly the same. Unless I hate the book I can’t really be bothered to do anything else while reading. Which is why my boyfriend dreads me getting hooked on a new series because laundry and cooking don’t get done during that time lol

  4. I think I’ve answered on a few tag posts that I can multitask but don’t choose to. So it must bother me. Plus, I’m sure there’s been scientific studies that have proven that individuals that think they can multitask are still distracted when working with music. So I don’t think you’re the only black sheep. 🙂

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