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The Sunshine Blogger

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Lindsay Detwiler! She had a great blog, and you should definitely it out! For this award, your tagger gives you eleven questions to answer, and then you give 11 questions for the people you tag! Let’s get started with her questions!

Her questions

1. What book most changed the way you think about life and why?

Harry Potter, forever and always. After reading this beloved series, I learned that you can always look for the magic in life.

2. What is your favorite picnic food?

When I think of picnic, the first food that comes to mind is definitely a deviled egg. I have loved eating this for as longa s I can remember 🙂

3. What is your favorite place in your hometown?

My local library was redone a little over a year ago, and now it is absolutely beautiful! It has a very modern look and is much bigger than the old one. Plus the YA section is huge now, which makes me *so* happy.

4. What was your favorite food as a child?

I loved the good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I actually still like them a lot! I’m not sure how many pb&j’s I have had in my life, but it is sure to be a high number!

5. Which celebrity would you be most likely to be friends with?

Jennifer Lawrence most definitely. She is one of those celebrities that seem very grounded and down to earth. I know many people say that about others, but she really seems genuine. She fangirls herself when she sees all these major stars, which would totally be me if I was famous. I just love her!

6. What song summarizes your life motto?

On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons! I want to live a happy life where I truly feel like I’m on top of the world. It’s such a positive song, you can’t help but smile when you listen to it.

7. What was the best class you ever took?

I had a humanities class once that was absolutely awesome. We went into all the subjects of music/art/film/dance, and I learned so much during that class!

8. Who has inspired you the most in your life?

Ahh this is sort of a tough question. I may have to come back to this one after some thinking.

9. Tell us something that has made you laugh in the past week.

I’m currently in the process of reading Assassin’s Blade right now, so there was most definitely something that Celaena said that made me laugh.

10. What is your favorite thing about summer?

Swimming! I love to just hang out by the pool, and I wish I could swim year round!

11. What would be your six word memoir? (In other words, you must summarize yourself in only six words).

Nothing ever beats out your family. 



  1. How would you describe your taste in music?
  2. Have you ever turned down a recommended book because it looked bad, but read it years later and loved it?
  3. Rank the holidays from most to leasat favorite.
  4. What are you looking forward to most in the last half of 2015?
  5. Of all the holidays, which one is your favorite?
  6. How do you pick the next book to read?
  7. What is the first book that comes to mind when you hear “romance?”
  8. Do you have a favorite tv show that you could watch over and over?
  9. Where do you get most of your books?
  10. What song best describes you?
  11. Are you excited for Autumn?


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