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Paper Towns Movie Review

Release Date: July 24, 2015Paper Towns

Director: Jake Schreier

If you haven’t heard of Paper Towns yet, you must be living under a rock, because it’s been EVERYWHERE the past few months! I remember when this was announced to become a movie and I was beyond excited. The Fault in Our Stars adaptation was so well on screen, and I couldn’t wait to see this one too.

I saw this movie a few days ago, and I’m still thinking of how wonderful it was. However, it seems I have sort of the unpopular opinion here. I see all these people pointing out these things and saying how it was completely ruined. GUYS. This is a great adaptation, so let’s stop judging it so harshly!

First off, the actors in this were truly phenomenal. I was apprehensive at first with Nat Wolff playing Q, since I thought I would see Issac, but he did a great job making them distinct and their own characters. Cara was exactly as I pictured the mysterious Margo. Austin Abrams was a hilarious yet geeky Ben. Finally, Justice Smith as Radar. He may just have been my favorite character in this movie. PETITION TO HAVE JUSTICE PLAY THE COLONEL IN LOOKING FOR ALASKA PLEASE.

The first part of the movie with the Margo/Q adventure was very exciting. For a movie, they did as well as they could with all the pranks. I personally wasn’t bothered by the missing 2 tasks, including the Sea World one. The way they captured that night and how Quentin was apprehensive but still followed Margo was just like the book.

After Margo disappears, they start finding all the clues and everything, which leads to the most epic road trip ever. The only thing that was missing for me in the movie was the thought of “Did Margo kill herself?” Instead, the deadline was Prom, which was fine, I just wish there was more to it.

For the road trip part, I liked the changes they made in the movie. After seeing Angela with the gang, I wish she had been included in the book, so we would’ve have known her better. The scene where they are running through the gas station getting supplies was one of my favorites from the book, and it was hilarious in the movie. Everyone in the theater gasped when they saw Gus!

In the end, when Q eventually finds Margo after everyone leaves, it gave me the same feeling. he thought he was special and was supposed to come find her, when really it was Margo just being her pretentious self.

Yes, there were changes made in the movie. It wasn’t after graduation and the deadline was prom, but who cares? It still turned out as a great movie, and I had tears streaming down my face from laughter. Here were some of my favorite scenes.

  • Q removing Chuck’s eyebrow
  • Every scene with Quentin, Radar, and Ben together
    • Pokemon song
    • Black Santa
  • Ben spilling the can
  • The gas station scene

So how did you like the movie? What were your favorite parts? Did you like the changes, or dislike them??


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