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In the Library: New Recommendation Series

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For awhile now I have been wanting to do my own recommendation series, and I am really excited that I am now getting to it. This new series will be called “What’s in the Library” or “In the Library” for short (it’s supposed to reference my name). Every so often I will be posting one of these with a certain genre or theme. I want to have 3-5 recommendations for each topic to give things to choose from. Some recommendations with be popular ones, but I will try and find some unique books that aren’t recommended as often.

I leaning toward putting In the Library on a Thursday schedule so it’s spaced away from other features I participate in. I’m not sure if the will be weekly or every two weeks. I want to see how much material I have and see how long it can go.

Now if you are wondering what sort of topics I will be doing, here are some basic examples that I will be participating in!

  • Best Stand Alones
  • Best Trilogy
  • Best (insert genre)

Those are just a few of the things I have in my mind right now, and I hope to come up with some different ones. I also want to recommend not only books, but also authors. If I can recommend an author to someone, they have the possiblity of being opened up to several new books.

If one any of these certain weeks, you enjoy the topic and have some of your own recommendations, make a post about it! Link it this blog so I can feature your recommendations as well. My goal here is to give book ideas to people, so the more recommendations, the more influence.

In the Library will be starting next week, so be looking for soem recommendatios coming your way!


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