Update Buddy Read

Sorry for the lack of posting, we are having storms and stuff. I just checked where the votes are at right now, and it looks like Young Elites by Marie Lu is winning! There is still plenty of time to vote, so make sure you do! All you have to do is is click the link and vote away! 

Once the winner is determined on Wednesday, there will be a two week period so everyone can read it. I know people have lots of books to get to so I want to give enough time. On the 28th-29th, I will be starting discussion posts and just overall thoughts on different subjects and those will last until the end of the month. If any blogger would like to actually do their own sort of post about the book, we could definitely work it out! I could post your link so everyone can see it and we can see other opinions.

If you have a twitter accoun, follow me @findmeinlibrary (I have a widget on the side –>). I’m thinking about just throwing out random trivia questions/facts about the book during the last week of July, so don’t miss those!

This is going to be sort of a trial and error experience for me. I have never done a buddy read, but if people like it, I would love to do more in the future. Next time, I’ll be able to get things started way earlier in the month, so there is more time for everything. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know, because right now, I could use all the input you have. I can’t get better without feedback!


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