Back to the Basics

I guess you can say I am sort of in a blogging slump. As you may have noticed, lately my posts have really been decreasing in quantity and quality. I’m not sure why, but I haven’t really been able to think of anything. I would just stare at the blank screen hoping to come up with something. What made it worse was seeing the amount of book reviews on this blog. As time has gone on, I feel like I have strayed from my original purpose for this blog. I sort of got caught up in drawing traffic, coming up with unique posts, and doing the weekly features that I forgot what I want to do on here.

I started Find Me in the Library for one reason: to share my love of books with others. Lately, I’ve been focusing more on the blogging aspect rather than the reading aspect. This is in no means saying that I am going to stop posting, because I love that too. All I want to do now is focus on reading more and getting more reviews out. I’m going to go back to the basics and do the posts I love to do, and not the ones I feel like I have to do.

The past few days or so, I have done this. I have been marathoning the Throne of Glass books, and I am halfway through with Heir of Fire. I should have reviews written up pretty soon. I am just really happy to be doing more reading and reviews. This couple day hiatus was a perfect way for me to get back into my reading. I made a pile of all the books I want to read and now I am just really motivated!


6 thoughts on “Back to the Basics”

  1. Can’t wait to read your reviews on the Throne of Glass books! I love that series. I’ve been through a blogging slump before and it sucks to much! I hope everything is all sorted! I’ll follow your blog either way, I love it!

  2. I kind of realized I was in the blogging frenzy as well and my blog just felt wrong for a while. And I never felt competent enough as blogger to start my own blog series but I’m so glad I did. I still haven’t picked up any Sarah J. Maas books but I hope you enjoy the Throne of Glass series. And it’s okay to be in reading/blogging slumps. It happens to a lot of us! 🙂

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