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Summer Bookish Bucket List

There are summer bucket lists. There are summer book lists. But what about a summer bucket list that revolves around what you do with books. Many people will make their “summer book bucket list” and it will have all the books they want to read during the season. On this list, I’m going to give you some other ideas to do over the summer that involve books. Some of these will be harder, depending on where you live and what is available to you.

1. Read a book in a summer-y spot

This is totally customizable for you. Whether it’s reading on the shoreline or by the pool, pick a spot to read that you don’t normally get to read at throughout the year. For me, I read a lot by the pool or on my porch.

2. Take advantage of your library

Throughout the year things get so busy that many people can’t find time to do this. If you have a library nearby, take a day to go and just stroll around. Actually look through shelves you wouldn’t normally look at. Even sit down and read for a while in the serene silence of the library. It can be very calming and relaxing experience where you can just sit down in the quiet and do what you love.

3. Try a book out of your comfort zone

Trying a new food is a common objective you will find on normal bucket lists, so for us readers, the equivalent is trying a new book! So if you are normally a fantasy fanatic   venture out of your comfort zone and try contemporary. Maybe look into a completely different genre you haven’t tried like mystery, steam punk, or horror. You will never know if you will like it if you don’t at least try it.

4. Start a book blog!

If your passion is reading and you love to talk about books with others, start your own blog. There are different forms of book blogging. You could strictly post you’re own reviews or you create book-related contact or even be a mix of both. There is no right or wrong way, it’s just whatever you choose to do. Be warned though, if creating original content, make sure you don’t steal from other people!

5. Have a full-out book marathon 

In summer, there may come a day where you have absolutely no plans. These are great days to just have a reading marathon. Tackle your reading list and cross some books off. You could just read all day or you could marathon a series over the course of a few days. When you read an entire book in a day, there is this amazing, satisfying feeling that comes with it, and it is just my favorite thing. If you get online there are plenty of read-a-thons that go over a course of many days.

6. Read a summer book

I don’t know about other people, but my reading mood goes through phases. There are times in the summer where I just want a cute summer contemporary. Also, I really like reading Harry Potter toward the middle and the end of summer. When I originally read the series it was during this time of year, so it’s fun to go back and reread a little.

7. Attend an author signing or book event

During the summer there are several book events and author signings that go on. I, unfortunately, never have many of these close by, but I know many people do. These events always look super fun, and you can really be introduced to a lot of different books this way.

8. Book-to-Movie adaptation marathon

There are so many movies based off books that you can watch. I mean there are 8 Harry Potter movies that are just waiting to be loved. Some other series would be Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, and The Hunger Games. You could even put a theme to it if you want. Have a Nicholas Spark day or Young Adult Romance movie day. So many options, so go pop some popcorn and get to movie watching.


So there you have it! I hope this gave some of you ideas of what to do since it is now officially summer the season.


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