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How to Pick What Book to Read Next

We all know it’s hard picking the next book. Sometimes there are too many choices; other times there seem to be no choices at all. Today, I have some practical and not so practical ways of picking your next book.  Whether you are dealing with this issue now or if it is something that occurs often, I hope some of these methods will help. Let’s get started!


1. Look at What People are Loving

This is how I find a lot of the books I read. Sometimes it’s a good method, other times it is not. For the most part, I like the books that majority of people like, so this method works well for me. There are many ways you can see what book people are raving about…

  • Look at the Bestseller List (While not always true, good books are normally on here since people are loving/buying it)
  • See what other bloggers are liking
  • Go to the ‘popular’ books section at a bookstore
  • Ask a friend about their recent favorite read


2. Ask a Librarian/Book Employee

Librarians, people are book stores, publishers, etc. All these people know a thing or two about books. If you are stumped when it comes to finding your next book, go up to someone to see if they have any ideas. They see what people are enjoying, and are great at picking out books for people. They are the professionals.


3.  Turn Toward the Book Community

This is one of the easiest ones there is! There are so many book lovers that are always ready to give a recommendation. Bloggers are constantly recommended books in their posts. Goodreads is an entire site dedicated to sharing opinions on books. So many youtubers are apart of the booktube community, and they always have good books to show. All you have to do is look around, and I am sure someone will be willing to give some advice.


IMPRACTICAL WAYS (not really impractical, just some very unique ways of choosing a book)



If you have a goodreads, all you have to go is go to bottom of screen and choose “random” in the sorting methods. Then you just pick the first book that come to the top of the list. If you don’t have an account, try using a random generator of some sort. Or, if your like me, go to the pile of books you want to read on your shelf, close your eyes, and pick one. These are great if you don’t want to think about what you want to read next.


2. Dice Method

Now this is a completely strange, but also fun way to pick your next book. You can write down 6 books, number them 1-6, and then roll a die to see what you get! If you have a very large tbr, you could increase this by adding more dice. It’s very customizable and very fun to do. You could even do this by genre or author if your tbr pile requires.


3. Cover Judging

You know the old phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but you know we do a little. Go to the bookstore or library and just go through your aisle. Find the cover that you find prettiest, most different, or even straight up horrible and get it. I would suggest doing this more at a library so you don’t buy a book without any knowledge on it, but it is your choice.




3 thoughts on “How to Pick What Book to Read Next”

  1. Oh, I’m posting a similar article soon because I’ve been hoarding LOTS of ebooks and now I have to decide what to read next. We have most of the same criteria! Good idea “Ask a Librarian/Book Employee” :). I don’t have that one!

    I also have to decide base on the blurb and on what my Goodreads groups recommend. Great post 🙂

    1. I’ll definitely have to look at your post when it comes out! There are just days where you have TONS of books in front of you but you still can’t decide! Some of these are a bit silly, but sometime desperate times calls for desperate measure 🙂

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