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Insurgent Movie Review (SPOILERS)

A few days ago, I FINALLY went to go see Insurgent. Guys…this movie. It’s not that I hate it, but I didn’t really care for it I guess. Before I get into the details of it, let me just start by saying I understand what a movie adaptation is. These movies are not meant to be exactly word for word by the book, and I am totally okay with it. I personally thought translating Divergent into a movie would be kind of difficult, because there is so much information thrown at us in one book that it is hard to capture. Divergent wasn’t my favorite adaptation of all time, but it still remained close to the book and was okay. Insurgent on the other hand, was different for me. I’m not sure if I have an unpopular opinion or if some people agree with me, but here were some of my thoughts during this movie.

First off, my main issue with the movie was how things flowed. Or rather, how things didn’t flow. This has nothing to do with the plot or anything, just purely the way the movie was cut. A big part of the Divergent trilogy are the simulations. While I didn’t love how these were portrayed (mostly because they were different in my head) in Divergent, I could deal with it. Insurgent’s simulations we a bit more cheesier, but still, I was okay with it. Then, they decided to throw in dream sequences, which was a great thought, but it really didn’t show up well. I can’t tell you how many times I was confused whether or not something was actually happening or if it was a dream. For example, when Tris first makes it to Amity, there are is a dream sequence, but the next scene they are living in the faction. Another time was when she attacked Peter. Then there were just these weird camera movements that really just made the film flow horribly.

My other main problem with this movie was the box. The box that required a Divergent by passing a simulation from all five factions. Where did this even come from? This strayed so far away from the book, it just frustrated me. I know it’s an adaptation, but it was like the whole plot of the movie. I don’t see why it couldn’t have followed the book more, because it wasn’t necessary to bring in the box. Maybe I would have been more okay with it if the idea was better executed. Instead of these weird snake thingys that connect to you and give you levitation powers, maybe we could have stuck with serums and chairs.

Since these review is become very negative, let me talk about the things I did like. To name two: Peter and Caleb. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Peter was my favorite part of this movie. Miles Teller got some of the best lines, and kind of made the best out of this movie’s situation. By far my favorite character in the movie. Following shortly behind is Caleb, just because Ansel Elgort and his awkwardness kills me (especially at the dinner table with Tobias’s mom). Jeanine is a great character as well, and I love seeing her when she is frustrated and can’t quite figure something out. Also, the Amity faction was spot on to me. It looked very much like I imagined it, and while we didn’t get our loopy Tris scene,  I really loved when the setting was here.

You’re probably wondering why Tris and Tobias aren’t mentioned above. I love them in the movie, but I wish all of Insurgent’s emotions could have been added. Tris’s fear of holding a gun because of will show so much about her character, and I was sad people didn’t get to see this while watching the movie. Also, the tension between this couple is pretty much nonexistent. You may not remember, but these two are fighting with one another for a good section of the book. I think this would have made the whole scene where Tris left to go to Erudite much more emotional.

While it wasn’t the best, and I found myself rolling my eyes many times during this movie, I will still watch Allegiant. I don’t know why they want to split the book into two movies, especially since not much happens in Allegiant. They pretty much already went 100 pages into Allegiant at the ending of the Insurgent movie, because they explained how they were everything was an experiment. Also, everyone in the city seems to be running toward the walls, so unless Evelyn (who looks like Tobias’s sister-not mother) stops everyone, I have no idea how Allegiant will be done. I guess we’ll see.


6 thoughts on “Insurgent Movie Review (SPOILERS)”

  1. I agree with you on most of these points. I did have fun watching the movie, though, since I was already expecting and accepting it to be like this.

    I remember being really annoyed with Divergent, because I had just read the book and I kept picking at all the little things that were different.

    I wasn’t so nitty picky with this one, I guess. But the box thing really bothered me! That was so far off and it barely even made any sense.

    Bruna @ Bruna Writes

  2. My friend watched it without reading the book, and she seemed really pleased with it. It’s probably because she couldn’t compare the two. When I watched it, I liked it for the most part (Peter and Caleb were my favorites too!), but I usually am not bothered by differences between a movie and a book.

    When they first mentioned the box, I was so confused though. I thought I had just missed it in the book and actually went to check lol

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