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100 Followers and 100 Posts!

I got such a nice surprise this morning when I logged in. Apparently, Find Me at the Library now has 100 followers! Not only that, but this is also my 100th blog post. Talk about to big occasions at once! I never would have thought I would have made it this far, and that people would have actually wanted to read my posts. To be honest, I thought I would do the whole blog thing for a month or two and get bored with it and quit, but that wasn’t the case. For this event, I wanted to take a look back and share my most popular posts. I want to see what people like the most, that way I can produce more things like that.

My 100 Follower was Kimberly at Over the Bookshelf. She has a great blog, so check it out!

My Top Commenters were Victoria from Addlepates and Book Nerds and also Macy at Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Books. These two have brilliant, quality blogs that you NEED to check out!

1. Disney Song Tag– 34 views

I was very surprised by this post. I actually saw many people do this tag, and I couldn’t believe that people actually liked it. Since everyone enjoyed it, I am in the process of making a part two, and I hope every has just as much fun with it.

2. I Was Here Review by Gayle Forman– 28 views

3. Mockingjay Movie Review (Spoilers)– 23 views

I’m actually going to see Insurgent pretty soon, so expect another movie review coming your way.

4. Rainbow Rowell New Book– 22 views

5. Readers Problems Tag– 19 views

6. Blood of Olympus Review– 19 views

7. Contemporary Authors You Have to Read– 19 views

I’m thinking of starting a little mini series like this. Maybe I’ll pick my own personal staples from different genres? Not sure yet, but I think it could be a good idea.

8. Liebster Award– 18 views

I have so many of these posts to catch up on. I think I have a liebster, creative blogger, and possibly even a versatile blogger award to do. I think I may run out of facts about myself.

9. The Sunday Post: Marathoning– 18 views

10. New Years Resolutions Tag– 18 views

Again, thank you guys so much for everything. I love being able to share my thoughts about all the bookish things with all of you. If you have any ideas for future posts or anything, let me know down below. I want to put out more things you like, so I need your suggestions!


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