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Paper Towns Trailer Discussion

So last Thursday, the Paper Towns trailer came out. I was super excited to see a glimpse of this movie and see how it was done. Since then, I have probably watched it a good ten times. Sometimes it pops up as an ad on Youtube and instead of skipping it, I sit there for two minutes and watch it agaon. The obession is real. In this post, I’m going to be going through my thoughts of the trailer. Before we dive into everything, here is a link to the trailer, so you can either watch it for the first time or see the thing I talk about –>  

You should know that I am a huge fan of book-to-movie adaptaions. The key word in that phrase is adaptation. People often get very mad about things that are changed, but they  have to realize this is someone’s adaptation of the book. I personally enjoy these movies because I like seeing the character come to life, and some changes don’t bother me. I’m more bothered when major plot points are changed that cause other things to get messed up *cough cough Percy Jackson movie*.

The first thing we hear in this trailer is Q’s voice saying how Margo is his miracle. I was so happy to hear this at first, because it’s one of those lines that come almost directly from the book. I catch this several times during the trailer, and it makes me jump up and down. Often, when these types of movies have scripts where many lines are based msotly on the book (Example: Catching Fire) and I find that they turn out better. You know the book was studied and they tried to incorporate as many things as possible.

WHY IS EVERYONE HATING ON MARGO! I’ll be the first to admit, Cara doesn’t fit the physical description that well. Book Margo was more unnatracive, and I see so many people complaing about how Cara isn’t a good Margo at all. However, it’s important to cast someone who really capture’s the character’s essence. Cara just has this carefree look and attitude that matches Margo completely, and as soon as I saw her in the trailer as Margo, she was the perfect fit. I understand not everyone agrees with this because I seem to have the odd opinion. Nat Wolff is Q, so no complaining there. The rest of the crew looks pretty awesome as well.

The whole part where you see their night adventure, look awesome. Everything is what the book said from what I can see. I know that she only has nine tasks in the movie, but they couldn’t do the SeaWorld one, which I’m okay with. I’m not sure what the other task is, so if anyone knows, please comment! Anyways, my favorite quote as of right now from this movie comes from these scenes.

“I can feel my heart beating through my chest.” – Q

“That’s how you should feel your whole life.” – Margo

This was the part I fell in love with the trailer. It captured the characters perfectly. I am very excited to see more of this in the movie.

Finally, we get to the part of the trailer where Margo has disappeared. I enjoyed seeing how they have some of the clues, and I am super excited to see the adventure to find Margo. Pretty much the best road trip in a young adult book.

Welll that’s pretty much my thoughts on the first trailer. I’m excited for this movie! If you have anything to add, please comment it down below. I’m adding one more thing, but I’m scared it might be too spoilery, so don’t read on if you haven’t read the book!



I was going through the comments on the trailer, and I see everyone talking about how it is “just another dumb love story.” I kind of laughed to myself, because in the end, this book does not turn out as the love story people expect. One thing I am looking forward to is seeing Q realize all these things about Margo and how he doesn’t know that much about her.



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