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Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

Author: Alexandra Bracken    

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Release Date: October 15, 2013

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Non-Spoiler Summary:

Never Fade is the second installment in Alexandra Bracken’s trilogy. All this time, Ruby has tried her best to avoid her abilities. Now she has to use them everyday as she works with the Children’s League being the leader of different operations. At least, everyone calls her leader. Down in her heart Ruby knows the word to describe her and her abilities: monster. After getting some information about the IAAN cause, Ruby has to leave headquarters in search for the flash drive. Of course, the boy who is in possession of this information is Liam, the boy who no longer recognizes her. As she makes her journey across the country in search for the boy she loves, she has many difficult decisions to make. What will she choose? The information or the love of her life?

The rest of this review will have many spoilers, so I suggest you go, read Never Fade and come back.

At the end of The Darkest Minds, Ruby does something that none of us would ever expect; she erases herself from Liam. Heading into Never Fade, all we know is that Liam is somewhere in the country with no knowledge of Ruby at all. This books starts off in the middle of an op. I was very confused during this scene, because it was all new characters, and I couldn’t even tell if it was Ruby’s perspective. But after a few pages, I started to grasp the scene more and had more of an understanding of what was going on. The first few chapters show us Ruby’s new life at the headquarters and introduces us to Jude, Vida, and Nico.Jude is like an eager little puppy, that would be annoying if he wasn’t so adorable. Vida is really mean and harsh at first, but as the book goes on, I really love her character. Then there is Nico, who is quiet and stays to himself, just like the Nico from Percy Jackson.

I bought this book directly after reading The Darkest Minds, so my main priority was Liam. Where is he, how is he, and how are we going to save him. So when they bring Cole in and have Ruby search his mind and she sees Liam, I’m like jumping up and down on the inside. And then she doesn’t do or ask Cole, which I guess is understandable, but come on Ruby! Finally Cole comes to her and they talk about Liam and how he has the flash drive, and I know this is where we will begin our search for Liam. We have an awesome scene where Ruby and Jude escape and Ruby sounds so confident when she is talking back and it’s just great.

Ruby and Jude are on the journey, and shortly Vida joins in. Then, out of nowhere, we find Chubs! I loved this scene how Ruby ran to hug him, but then he was like “Oh come on Lee, give me hug,” and finds out what happened. It was so sad seeing his reaction, but I was so happy to have a familiar face around that we could trust. The four go on their way, but there are so many fighting scenes between them. Chubs and Ruby are constantly arguing and Vida throws in some sarcastic remark, but it’s still funny.

Things pick up once they are captured by the “Slip Kid.” I honestly have no idea how people actually started to follow Knox, because he was completely messed up. His little “camp” doesn’t take care of anyone, which we learn from Olivia, a girl who was at East River originally. Then out of literally nowhere, Olivia drops the bomb that Liam is there. Like in the next room. Almost dying of phenomena. But no worries, Ruby, being an awesome leader, gets a whole plan to raid supplies to get medicine for the sick kids. I loved this entire scene because we get to see Jude being awesome and electrocuting all the agents. There was only one thing that bothered me during it. Ruby is getting the medicine, and gets stabbed in the back. She is literally stabbed in the back and no one helps her. She is running and everyone just leaves. What up man? Rob captures her, but all is good, because she uses her Orange abilities and he finally dies.

When her friends rescue her, we hear Liam shouting in the background, and that was my first hint that he had some memories. We have all these follow-up scenes of Liam and Ruby, but my favorite has to be at the little market. Ruby is all sad and talks about how she knows Liam doesn’t like her, and he just comes out and says, “I don’t like you? Ruby, I love you.” He goes on about how terrifying it is to be in love with someone he has never met, and then he figures out what really happened in the Safe House.
Just as things are going okay, we get this messages from “Cate” and they decide to meet with her. I was not at all shocked that it was freaking Clancey again. She has a chance to shoot him, but doesn’t take it, and then they believe what he says. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT  CLANCEY IS A LIAR? We get back to headquarters and we see Clancey burning all the research papers, but luckily Ruby gets some of them and we lock him in the closet.

Now, I’m just going to jump to the ending. On the TV, we see this Blue come up and shoot the president, and everyone is all happy and celebrating. While I was reading I was sitting there thinking Why didn’t he shoot him in the head? There’s no way the president would walk out without a vest on, so I knew he hadn’t died. But they celebrate anyone, and then the bombs come. They start making their way down the Tube and everything is collapsing and all I’m thinking about is how Clancey can not survive this in a closet. They make it out okay, but then we realize that Jude isn’t there. Poor little puppy dog Jude. I was sad, but not nearly as sad as I’ve been at other character deaths. Then, of course, Clancey shows up. This kid will not die. The ending scene is great though because he’s screaming how he burned the papers, and Ruby just pulls them out like “oh, these papers?”
Never Fade is probably my least favorite in this trilogy, but that’s just because the other two are amazing. I was getting frustrated with Liam and Ruby because they wouldn’t sit down and talk about what happened. For the most part, this was a really great book.




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