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Exploring My Bookshelf #1

About a week ago, I saw that Addlepates and Book Nerds made a new feature called Exploring My Bookshelves. Each week, she gives something a topic and you have to pick a book and give a short synopsis. This seemed super fun, so after I organized my bookshelf, I decided I would go ahead and start doing this meme. I don’t have many physical books, so there might be times I pull from my Kindle library. Also funny story about this picture. At the top I have these letters that say READ. However, that just happended when I reorganised. They used to say DREAM and I was like “I wish it could say read,” then I realized it could and I felt like a genius. Okay, tangent over, let’s get started!

Displaying photo.JPG

This week’s topic: What is the prettiest book you’ve read?

I decided to do one contemporary and one fantasy, since the covers are so much different. For my contemporary, I used something I’ve never really talked about on here, and that is…


This was definitely the big book this past summer. I’m not even going to try and give you a summary about it, and Displaying photo.JPGwill tell you what everyone told me; read it without knowing anything. We Were Liars was a strange book for me, because I couldn’t decide what I felt about it. For the most part, people love it or hate it, so I suggest you read it and see what you feel about it.

Anyways, I picked this cover because it was the first thing that drew me to the book at first. It has the mysterious feel to it which perfectly matches the book. Normally, I would have picked some cutsy and pretty contemporary with fancy letters, but this time I wanted to be different. This is a very simple cover, but really catches the eye in my opinion.





For my fantasy cover, I chose…


Displaying photo.JPGI just love this cover so much. Cinder and Scarlet have nice covers as well, but this one is beautiful. I love how the cover means something, because it has the hair of Rapunzel, or in this case Cress. Also I just really love the blue/purple ombre around it. Also I’m super excited fr the Winter cover, because it has to have an apple on it somewhere.

This is the third book in The Lunar Chronicles, and now it has Cinder, Thorne, Scarlet and Wolf all journeying together. They greatest hope is Cress, the girl living in outerspace, secretly helping them out. After they rescue her, everyone is split up and has their own adventures. Each book in this series adds new perspectives each time. If you are a fan of Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus and the multiple perspectives, you might want to try this out because theys tyle is the same.




Ahh, that was fun! I’m looking forward to future topics!





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