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Organizing Bookshelves

Organizing your bookshelf can be a frightening experience. You want it to make it look great, but there are so many obstacles that get in your way. For example…

Not enough room              1 Paperback 2 Hard           NONE IN SERIES MATCH

Displaying photo.JPG         Displaying photo.JPG           Displaying photo.JPG

You just sit there thinking why in the world you buy paperbacks, and then you remember you are poor and can’t afford all hardback, which makes you even sadder. Not only do you run into these problems, but it is so hard to figure out how you want it organised, because you can do so many different things.

– Rainbow

– Alphabetical

– By favorite (which is unbelievably hard)

– Complete series and Incomplete

– By genre

After I pulled off all my books, I started trying some of these ways out. First, I attempted the some horizontal/some vertical series.

Displaying photo.JPG


It didn’t work out, because I couldn’t fit all of the books, and I refuse to separate series. So after that, I wanted to see what a shelf of all my hardbacks would look like.

Displaying photo.JPG


I didn’t even have enough to finish one shelf, and I didn’t like how so many different things were mixed together. After this, I decided I would have to deal with some of the books in my series being paper back while others hardback. My first shelf has science fiction/fantasy series that I own all of them, or at least all that are out as of now.

Displaying photo.JPG


For my second shelf, I wanted it to be pure contemporary. I put all the hardbacks horizontal and it worked out perfectly. Then I put books that have a sequel and after those I had my John Green books (from most favorite to least.) After that it was just other books and some I wanted to read. Toward the end of the shelf, I put extra books I have had forever  to fill the space.

Displaying photo.JPG



My third and final shelf is mostly my paperback fantasy books. I began with the series starters, which are from the series I only own the first book physically. Then, I have books from series that I haven’t read yet. Finally I have my very small collection of Rick Riordan books, and the smallness of it makes me sad. Toward the end of this shelf, I have books stacked horizontally, and they are pretty much all books I didn’t care for.

Displaying photo.JPG



So that’s my bookshelf! It doesn’t look like much, but I buy a lot of my books on my kindle or lend them from the library. I know that organising your shelves can be a very daunting and difficult task, so I hope I gave you some ideas. There are so many possibilities, you just have to find what works for you! Mine seems pretty random, but in my brain I know where everything should go.




8 thoughts on “Organizing Bookshelves”

  1. Organisationtion is so hard! I want to redo mine too, but I have so many books, it’s a bit scary 😛 I used to have an order, then I kept buying books and it’s all gone terrible. Subtle advertising here, but I’ve started a meme called Exploring My Bookshelves if you want to join 🙂 And I might steal this idea for a post! 🙂

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