Monthly TBR Jar Challenge- March

Monthly TBR Jar CHallenge

Wow, I can’t believe February is already over! You know what that means, it’s time for another TBR Drawing! For those of you who don’t know, ath the beginning of this year I put 12 slips of paper that each had a certain theme and put them in a jar. My challenge is to complete all the slips before the year is over! For February, my theme was to read a book I have started but never finished. And it was a…


It came down to the last few days before the month ended, and I still hadn’t picked up one of my options ofr this theme. I just didn’t feel like reading something I already tried. However, I wanted to complete the challenge, so I picked up The Darkest Minds two days before February ended. Best. Decision. Ever. Let’s just say that I’m almost done with the trilogy and it’s only been three days. I’m pretty sure something was wrong with me when I stopped reading this book, because it gets really good. I will definitely have reviews up about it this week, I’m stildecided whether to review each book, or a series review. (It’ss probably be each book because I have so much to say)

Enough about February, it’s March now! Spring is coming and I have never been more excited for a season change. With the coming of a new month, comes a new theme. I just drew the slip of paper out of the jar and this month’s theme is…

“Read a Popular Book”

The hardest part about this theme is figuring out what to read. I looked up popular YA books, and I’ve read a lot of them! I’ll probably have to dig a little more for a book this month, so help me out! What are some popular ya books that you have read and enjoyed?


6 thoughts on “Monthly TBR Jar Challenge- March”

      1. So I’m currently standing at my shelves.. Here’s a list.. I may overlap a little because I can’t see my last comment currently..
        The Lux Series
        Red Queen (has a lot of hype right now)
        The Grisha trilogy
        The Darkest Minds trilogy
        The Matched Trilogy
        The Maze Runner trilogy
        Blue Bloods series (not popular anymore, but they had their day, lol)
        Angelfall series
        Hush Hush series
        Any Gayle Forman book
        Any John Green book
        Mara Dyer trilogy
        Fallen series
        Throne of Glass series
        Bloodlines series
        Divergent series
        Under the Never Sky series
        The Raven Cycle Quartet
        Beautiful Creatures series
        The 5th Wave series

        Lol, I hope at least one of those helped!

      2. I honestly can not tell you how helpful this is to me. I’m going to have a post up that will put some options of what I might read, and I will be sure to mention your help. Thank you!

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