Monthly TBR Jar Challenge

I saw this before and I was really interested in making one myself. It is a jar that have 12 slips of paper and each has a category. You draw one at the beginning of the month and you have to read a book in the specific category. For example if it said “read a book published before 2014″,” the book you read would have to follow that. I was inspired to do this by Kat at Katytastic on youtube. I used some of her questions but also made some of my own. Here is her video explaining her jar:

So for my challenge, I took a small mason jar and cut strips of construction paper. On each piece of paper I wrote down these twelve themes/categories.

  • Reread a favorite book
  • Read a book you never got to finish
  • Read a book that has been adapted into a movie
  • Read an awarded book
  • Read a classic
  • Read a new author
  • Read a book that starts a new series
  • Finish a series
  • Read a book written by your favorite author that you haven’t read before
  • Read a book that has been sitting on your shelf
  • Read a book published in 2015


After that I just made a label and my jar was finished. This looks like it will be a very fun way to eliminate books you want to read but still you give you a choice in the book. I chose all of those above because they were more broad and I knew I could find many books to fit under each category. However if you wanted to, you could always narrow it down more by making the theme more specific. For example you could say “read a new contemporary book by an author new to you” or if you want to be really creative say something like “read a book with a piece of fruit on the cover.” The questions are really up to you.


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