I’m Back!

Wait, what is Find me in the Library again? Oh yeah I think I remember now!

I’m so sorry that I have been absent for almost 2 weeks now. My whole plan for the My True Love Gave to Me Christmas Countdown sure went down in flames didn’t it? After a year, you forget how busy the weeks before Christmas really are. I was behind on my reading and the reviews and by the time I had a few of them ready, I just gave up on them. I didn’t want to give you a few quick written reviews. Time sure goes fast during the holiday season, and it doesn’t help when you don’t feel great for half of it.

But I am back now, and reading to get things back together. The new year is in 4 days, and there is still a lot left I want to get done. I hope I can squeeze them all in.

For now, I am going to go work on some posts!


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