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Thanksgiving Food Tag

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and a fantastic Thanksgiving! In honor of this time of year, I have created a tag with thanksgiving foods and book questions. Let’s get started!

Turkey: The main/best book in a series

For this one, I had to go with The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan. It was full of action and all the strings were tied up into a nice little bow. Everything that needed to happen happened, and was a great book to end a series and start a spin-off.


Potatoes: A book or series you want more of even though you have read it many times

Obviously, I had to go with good ole Harry Potter. This series is perefect, why wouldn’t I want some more of it?


Cranberry Sauce: A book everyone loves that you never really got into

I’m going to have to go with two different answers here. The Maze Runner and Gone. THese were two series that ever really caught my eye, and I never really wanted to read it, but some people loce these books.


Gravy: A book that was drowned with drama

For this I’m going with the whole entire Twilight saga. The books were not the best, and there were many dramatic and overdramtatic moments.


Corn: The funniest or corniest book

As bad as it sounds, I have to go with books by John Green. Yes, while his books are super emotional and often very sad, they also provide some of the funniest scenes I have ever read in a book. He has a great way of offering comedic relief in some of the situations.


Green Beans: Something that just went down hill as you read it

The Beautiful Creatures series, because I actually thought the first book was ok. However, as I went on, the books just got worse.


Pumpkin Pie: A sweet book

This is hard because there are sooo many, but really anything by Rainbow Rowell or Stephanie Perkins, so books like Fangirl and Anna and the French Kiss.

This was super fun to do, and I will defintely be doing one for Christmas, if not sooner!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Food Tag”

  1. Good idea for a Thanksgiving food tag. I agree with The Last Olympian, now there’s a way to end a series! I think Harry Potter is a lot of people’s potatoes. I like the first book in The Maze Runner trilogy, but not the sequels.

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