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Books I would like to read soon

I have quite a few books that I want to get around to reading soon. Some of these have been on my shelf for what seems like forever, but I will read them. Here are a few of the ones I own and want to start reading soon.

  1. Throne of Glass: I bought this and I know it is amazing, but every time I want to sit down and read it, something comes up. This will be my next book, I don’t care what happens.


  1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone: This is another series I have been dying to read, and I finally got my hands on the first book. I have heard great things about this trilogy, and I am super excited to get into it.


  1. Darkest Minds: I’m am ashamed to say that I have had this for quite some time. I actually started it and really liked it, but then like two or three books I had been waiting on forever came out, and I just forgot to continue reading this book.


  1. Reboot: I picked this up some time ago, not knowing much about it, but I was very intrigued with the story concept.


  1. The Evolution of Mara Dyer: This has been a book I postponed on purpose. I didn’t want to start the book and have to wait for the last one. Now I’m just waiting for a time to marathon it.


  1. Shadow and Bone: This was on sale on my kindle once, and it looked really good. Since then I have heard great things, so this is definitely a series to start soon.


  1. Panic: I haven’t read any of Lauren Oliver’s other books, but I picked up Panic because I really like the idea of the book.


I am sorry for the lack of posting this week, but I do have posts coming up to make up for it!


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