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Top Ten Tuesday

Oct 28: Top Ten Characters to Dress up like for Halloween

This is a meme created by the Broke and the Bookish. They come up with some super cool topics, so check them out at their blog:  http://www.brokeandbookish.com/


    1. Hermione Granger: This would be a great costume, because I think it would be super cool to wear robes, have a wand, and talk in a British accent all night, but maybe that’s just me.
    2. Tris Prior: Not going to lie, I’ve actually have dressed up like her for occasions, and let me tell you, it is super fun wearing training gear with drawn on tattoos.
    3. Elizabeth Bennet: This would actually be a very fun costume to put together, especially because it is in a different time period. IT would be like you were pretending to be part of a different generation, which is pretty neat.
    4. Anyone from The Hobbit/LOTR: I mean those guys just have the best little costumes, but I think the best one would be dressing up as Gollum. It would actually be kind of a freaky costume, because if I saw someone crouched down with a ring muttering precious, I would be kind of scared.
    5. Dorothy: I mean this one is pretty easy, but it would be pretty easy get a dress and some red slippers, and if you really want to get serious, maybe even a little dog.
    6. Harry Potter:  This honestly could be for anyone, because really who doesn’t want to be Harry Potter.
    7. Katniss Everdeen: Yeah, I’ve seen this. A lot. But it is simple and people recognize Katniss’ very quickly.
    8. A Librarian: I mean this is actually a character (I’m sure there is a character but I don’t know anyone) but I mean this person does work with books? Does it count?
    9. Cath: Cath is just a basic fangirl, so some of us could just wear our normal day outfit. However if you want to be more like Cath, a simple “Keep Calm and Carry On Simon” shirt would be easy enough.
    10. Disney Princesses/Fairy Tale Characters: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldie Locks, all of these are stories, and some of these characters would be very cool to dress up as.



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