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Top Ten Tuesday: Places Books Have Made Me want to Visit (Real/Fictional)

So this is my first week of participating in Top Ten Tuesday, made by The Broke and the Bookish. They created this idea and I knew I was already doing lists like this, so when I found it, I decided it would be fun to do it with everybody else. It’ll pretty much be like my normal list posts, however I am going off a calendar they have. I will still be making my old lists or using some of their past list ideas. If you would like to check out their blog, here is their link:

October 14: Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit (whether fictional or real)

1. Hogwarts:
In no universe would I not add Hogwarts to my list of places I want to go. It would be amazing to run around this giant school, learning spells and magic. I mean I would be witch, and that would be just amazing.

2. Camp Half-Blood
Why would someone not want to go to Camp Half-Blood?! I would love to see all the cabins and be surrounded by demigods (especially if I get to see Percy and Annabeth). It would be amazing to be there (however I’m not sure if I would be great as a demigod haha)

3. Paris
The one book that makes me want to visit Paris one day has to be the one and only Anna and the French Kiss. Paris is more than just a setting in this book, it is a character, because the city is so alive. It would be amazing to walk the streets in such a beautiful place.

4. Rome
Mark of Athena definitely influenced this one me. I would just love to see all the old landmarks like the Parthenon. t is a city filled with so much history and this book makes me want to visit it so bad.

5. Greece:
This is just like Rome, I want to see the history of this beautiful place. This isn’t just Percy Jackson, but just Greek mythology as a whole. It would be very cool to see some of the buildings and just be in a place surrounded by things so old, you don’t know how they still exist.

6. Oregon
Yes, I know this is a pretty random one, but it comes from If I stay. I think Oregon would be a beautiful place to visit.

7. Diagon Alley
Yes, I know this is part of the Wizarding World and all, but it is a specific place. This is the most alive place you see in this world, and it is one of my favorites places to see while watching the HP movies.

8. Chicago
I’ve actually been to Chicago, and I loved it there, but I’m talking about Divergent Chicago. However I going to make a tweak and say Divergent Chicago before they learned about what was really going on and there was war. I just want to see what the
factions would look like.

9. The Capitol
Of course, it would be pretty cool to see everyone in the Captiol in Panem. Of course, I wouldn’t want to really live in a place where the Hunger Games takes place. I mean, some intense stuff goes down in Panem.

Yeah, well I got to 9 so I guess that is pretty good. I honestly couldn’t think of any other worlds right now. As soon as I post this, I’ll probably think of thousands of them. Guess that’s just the way it is. So what are some places that books have made you want to visit?

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Places Books Have Made Me want to Visit (Real/Fictional)”

  1. I agree with (almost) all of those! (I wouldn’t want to go to the capital or Divergent Chicago, I’d be killed.) I would like to add the world of Marvel Comics, it’s a graphic NOVEL right? I’ve always wanted to see Greece and Rome, so it was cool reading about them in Percy Jackson, like a mini trip.

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