New Feature!

So I recently found a blog called The Broke and the Bookish and they created the Top Ten feature. I was already doing lists like this, but I didn’t want to accidentally use one of their ideas without giving credit. So I decided that I will just be participating in the Top Ten Tuesday feature. Basically they give you a topic, and on that Tuesday you post the top ten of whatever that topic is. If you want to check out their blog here is a link:

These posts will remain in the Lists section, and if I think of other lists, I will post my own there as well.

I am working really hard getting a lot of posts together and getting reviews done. I am constantly reading now so there should be lots of new things out soon. You may have noticed that the other day, I posted like 3 big posts, and I’m sorry about that, I just wanted to make up for what I had missed. Well that’s everything, and now I have to go back to writing!


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