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Blood of Olympus Review

It’s over. The last ever Percy Jackson book is over. I finished this book yesterday, and I was going to write a review right away, but I couldn’t pull my thoughts together. Sorry in advance if this review doesn’t flow as well, because my thoughts are still everywhere on this book.

I’ll be honest here, when I finished the book, I was very conflicted. Never had I felt that way after finishing a Rick Riordan book. I had many mixed feelings, and I didn’t even know what to think. After sitting on it the whole night and some of this morning, I got most of my ideas straight. This is going to be a mix of things I liked, loved, and didn’t like at all. Here we go..

1. Reyna’s POV: After 4 books, we never really got to know much about Reyna, and I was glad we got to learn a lot about her character in this one. I had this image of her as just a stiff Roman who wasn’t that joyful, but when from her perspective, it was much different than I thought. You hear how brave she is in other books, and in this one we see it. Reyna is a driven, courageous character, but she also very caring and quite funny. I loved loved loved her and Nico’s interaction so much in this book. We also get to learn about her past, which was a very dark and intimating story and it became one of my favorite ‘past story’ that Rick ever wrote.

2. NO POV FROM PERCY, ANNABETH, FRANK: This is something that bugged me beyond anything. Actually now that I think of it, I don’t think Hazel really got any chapters either. After the first couple chapters, I was expecting to turn the page and see one of these names for the chapter, and I never did. I understood that these characters had their main story in House of Hades, but I still wanted to see them in this last book. It really bothered me with Percy and Annabeth, because I was expecting to get into the minds of our favorite characters after they went through Tartarus. I thought we would see some of their nightmares, PTSD, and other affects of the trauma they went through.

3. Character Development: Of course every character developed a lot, but I think we all have to say the winner is Piper. She was the star of this book, she was finally at her full potential and was a very different girl than who we say at the beginning of The Lost Hero. I particularly love how Piper and Annabeth developed as they both learned other ways of thinking, and how they were able to communicate without even saying words.

4. Nico, reyna, and Hedge: I loved the chapters where we got to see them on their quest to get the Statue to Camp. I loved watching their relationship as friends grow and all the obstacles they faced, whether it was some hunter chasing them or Nico slowly disappearing into the shadows.

5. The Final Battles: One thing I did absolutely loved when they were fighting the giants, was where most of the demigods where fighting with their godly parents. The overall giant fighting scene was great, but it almost happened to fast. They were all done and talking and I was just like “Wait, they already killed all the giants??” Then we get to where we fight Gaea. That seemed really easy the way it was describes. I mean make a storm to keep her off ground, charmspeak, fire and BOOM Mother Earth is dead. This does bring me into my next point which is…

6. LEO: Many people were very annoyed and disliked Leo this book, because all he talked about was Calyspo. That really didn’t bother me, and I still loved Leo, even though he wasn’t he usual perky self. However I knew that he wasn’t going to die. Ever little thing lead up to it, and I think there would of been more of an impact if some scenes were left out. For example, we didn’t have to see that he kept the actual cure. I mean if we didn’t know that, and Leo sacrificed himself to kill Gaea, we all would be freaking out. And then when he is shown waking up with the injection we could had some flashback, or have Hazel or Frank explain it to the others so the readers would see that. Personally I think that would have been better than we got. EDIT: I forgot something! I want to know if Leo called his friends! I mean everyone thinks he is dead and he doesn’t even do anything.

Even though there were things I disliked, I think I came up with my overall thoughts of the book. It was amazing and I loved it. I think the hardest thing was accepting no more of my favorite books, the one I had been reading for years. My biggest problem was the lack of seeing other characters (which isn’t really a problem, I was just sad) I mean Percy and Annabeth were barely even in the plot and Frank had like 5 lines the entire time. I think the lack of these characters (who are some of my personal favorites) affected my thoughts at first because this was my last book with them. This is the last time I will get to have adventures with these characters and say good-bye to them. I’m probably going to reread it soon, with a clean slate, and I’ll probably pick up on some more things I really enjoyed and didn’t even notice. So that’s it guys, the end of Percy Jackson ):

I ALMOST FORGOT. Some of you may know, but Rick is writing another series with the Norse gods and the main character is Magnus Chase. Chase. Chase as in ANNABETH CHASE. YOU may or may not have picked up on it, but there is a part where they are talking about their families (which was adorable since we got no Percy/Sally reunion) and Annabeth mentions she has a Uncle and Cousin that live in Boston that she never sees because of some family rivalry. Yep that’s how Rick introduced his new character to us. Anyway what are your thoughts on the book? Leave them in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Blood of Olympus Review”

  1. My thoughts were everywhere too, but I couldn’t wait to talk about the book! I agree, I was surprised to like Reyna in BOO too! Her relationship with Nico was so cute! (She covered him up and didn’t care what anyone thought) Nope, no Hazel either. I want MORE PERCY!!! Percy and Annabeth really played a small part in stopping Gaia in the end. The godly parents team up was awesome! I wanted to be inside all of their heads in that scene! Yeah, Leo was so predictable. It would’ve been better if it was written your way. (I do that too, try to rewrite the bad parts of good books.) Nice review! 🙂

    1. Aww thanks for commenting! I am so happy to see someone who agrees, because lately I’ve seen so many different opinions. IF you go on youtube and search ‘cassjaytuck’ she has a BoO review up, and she had some nice opinions you might want to check out!

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