First off, I apologize for the format of my If I Stay review. For some reason the paragraphs will not space a part and that is extremely annoying. It probably annoys you guys too, and I’m so sorry. I will try to fix it, but when I tried earlier it wouldn’t.


Second, I just realized that everything I have put on here has been contemporary books. I do not strictly read contemporary books. My goal is in this next few weeks, start putting up so things in the science fiction and fantasy genre. So stay tuned for that.


I will possibly have a series review on the Heroes of Olympus and/or the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series in September-October. Ideally, I want to re-read the series before the last book Blood of Olympus comes out. (Which by the way will probably kill me emotionally, so expect a VERY LONG REVIEW OF IT)


Finally some upcoming lists I have coming up that I’m working on…

– Top Books I have had to read for school

– Top Books I am most anticipating this Fall

– Top Male and Female Characters


I’m getting some more lists together, but if you have any suggestions please let me know! That’s all for now, keep reading!


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