How I get my books…

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to reading. Some like ebooks, some like paperbacks. Some like audio books. To me it doesn’t really matter, i’m just glad that people are reading. Here are some of the ways I get my books.

1. My Kindle- Yes I do have an e-reader, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love hard copy books. It’s just easier for me because I have access to books immediately. Also it’s like half the price, and that makes me happy. I have a Kindle Fire and a Paper-white, and I use them all the time. They are very helpful when you want to buy a book on release day.

2. The Library- Another way I get many of my books is from my public library. This is the best because it is FREE. I don’t have to pay anything for books I love. And my library even has some ebooks, so I can check out ebooks as well. I love the library, because if I don’t like a book, then I didn’t waste any money o it. However, there have been times where I read a book at the library I loved, so much I went and bought it.

3. Buying them at Bookstores- This has recently became a new thing for me. I wanted to start filling up my shelves with actual copies, so I have been buying so many books. My two stores I shop at are Barnes and Noble and Half Price books. I especially love half price books because I can normally find cheap books in great condition.

4. Gifts- And finally, many of my gifts are book-related. Sometimes someone straight up gives me a book, or I get gift cards. Normally when my Birthday comes around, I get many kindle cards and Barnes and Noble cards. Which is always great because who doesn’t like buying brand new books without spending their own money.

So this was a pretty random post, but I just started thinking about it when I saw a poll on goodreads. The poll asked: how many people had a tablet and loved reading on it, had a tablet but didn’t read on it, wants a tablet to read on, or would never read on a tablet. The first choice had the most, but it was pretty even. What about you guys? How do you prefer to read?


1 thought on “How I get my books…”

  1. The midnight releases on Kindle have resulted in many a three a.m. bedtime for me… I know better, but I still think “I’ll read a chapter before bed.”

    I prefer physical books for the look and feel of them, but e-books for the cheapness, size, and ease of access. If I had to pick one, I’d probably say the e-books. Because, though I like big books, the time I was carrying around Reamde hurt my wrist.

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