Reading Advice- Back to School

As summer break comes to an end, and beginning of school season begins. Everyone starts shopping for supplies and people are getting excited to go back to school. Then you get there, and you forget about the homework and all the things you need to study for. After reading and learning the whole day, sometimes you don’t want to go home and read some more. Even if it is a fun book you normally read to relax, it almost feels like more homework. I know this happens to me, because lately I’ve been in a reading slump, where I never feel like sitting down and reading. If you have problems with this too, then this advice may help!

1. Don’t make reading a chore!
This is the worst thing you can do if you feel like you haven’t been reading enough. BY thinking that you HAVE to sit down and read that one book tomorrow night, you are not going to want to do it. Reading will start to feel like something you dread doing, because it will almost like a chore or homework. If you don’t want to read at that time, DON’T READ! Eventually you will want to pick up the book, and you will enjoy it much more.

2. Designate a good reading time
Now this is something you have probably heard before, but make a certain time everyday that is solely dedicated to reading. Even if you are only reading a couple of pages, you will feel like you have accomplished something. However don’t set your reading time at a time you know you won’t read. For example, if you plan to read right after school or work, there may be a chance you won’t want read as soon as you get home. Make the time after dinner or before bed.

3. Don’t read something completely opposite of what you are used to
If you are someone who is used to contemporary romance, don’t try reading a 800 paged fantasy novel. You will feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with such a large book, and you may not enjoy it that much. I’m not saying don’t branch out at all, but if you’re in a reading slump, it may not be the best idea. However if you are in your slump because you are tired of one certain genre, go ahead and try something different. (:

4. Consider audiobooks!
If you find yourself wanting to read, but not having time to sit down and actually do it, consider trying an audiobook. You can listen to these while your in the car or waiting in line for something.

5. Break a book down into pieces

Don’t actually break the book (that would be horrible!) but break the story down into sections. Read only the amount of pages/chapters that you wanted. This way, when you finish you small goals, you will feel like yo are accomplishing a lot, and will want to read more.

6. Buddy Reads!
This one is really fun! Find someone to read a book with so you can talk about it together. Also you will want to be ahead that person so they don’t ruin anything, so you will be driven to read more pages a day. You can also join book clubs, and one day if I get enough people interested, I might start a monthly read, where we all read the book and discuss it.

These are some of the ideas I thought of to help you read more. I know this last month I have FAILED at reading, and you will see how badly I failed in my monthly wrap up, which should be up in a few days. I will definitely be trying some of these tips myself, and you should give them a try too!


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