Back again!

I think I finally got everything set up and now I should be able to start posting! Now that Find me at the Library is running, I’ll explain what exactly I plan on doing with this book blog.

As of right now I have 3 categories: Book Reviews, Release Dates, and TBR (Abbreviation for ‘to be read’). In the Book Reviews Category, this is where I will all my thoughts on books I have read. My goal is to at least put a little review up for each book I read. However, I have also read many other amazing books that I would like to show you, so I will also have ‘Redo Reviews’. These will be reviews on some of my favorite books and series.

In the Release Dates category, I will be posting the release dates on some of the most anticipated books. Here you will also be able to find announcements on new books and news on the publication of these books.

And finally, in the TBR category, I will just post some of the books that I currently really want to read. Here you can find my monthly ‘to be read’ post which will include all the books I want to try to read that month. I will also post my end of the month wrap ups here, which will show what books I finished that month.

I hope to add more category as time goes on, but these are the main three right now. I will also be posting about movie adaptions, hauls, and author news as well, but those posts for now will just be shown on the home screen. I look forward to start posting!


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